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Compendium - Hospital care indicators

Open data, Experimental statistics
Geographic Coverage:
Geographical Granularity:
Country, Regions, ONS Area Classification, Provider, Deprivation, Local Authorities, Independent Sector Health Care Providers, Strategic Health Authorities, County, Provider clusters, Primary Care Organisations, London Authorities, Government Office Regions


The Compendium hospital care set covers the following publications:

  • Deaths within 30 days,
  • Emergency admissions,
  • Returning to usual place of residence,
  • Hospital procedures,
  • Emergency hospital admissions and timely surgery,
  • Hospital episodes (admissions).

Please see the individual publications for information on each set.

All legacy P codes are included in the key search terms and so can be used to find the associated indicator, unless the indicator is now a signpost to more relevant information held elsewhere. Signposted indicators will be listed under their relevant series with their legacy P code included.

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Sally Jones

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