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Community Services Statistics, September 2021

Experimental statistics

Care contacts

Total care contacts

Care Contacts

A Care Contact is a general term for a contact or appointment between a person and a care professional. At a care contact, one or more care activities may take place, such as an assessment or a minor procedure. Contacts may take place face to face or via another means, such as online or by telephone.

Across all submitters of care contact data, there were 7,998,390 care contacts that took place during September 2021, of which 1,687,340 were for children and young people, 1,761,660 were for adults aged 19-64, and 4,549,340 were for adults aged 65 and over. This section looks at the detail of these care contacts.

Care contacts by service or team type

The types of care available in community services is very broad and varies considerably by age group. The following chart shows the top 5 service types by volume by age group. 

This is the number of care contacts carried out within individual service and team types. Details on the service is taken from CYP102 Service or Team Type Referred To. Total care contact figures will include all care contact appointments, even if these were not attended or cancelled.



Care contacts by consultation medium

Care contacts can be undertaken in a number of different ways. Face to face is the most common medium among all patients.

Consultation medium is recorded in 75.9% of all contacts.

Health visitor appointments

A health visitor is typically a nurse or midwife with additional training that provides support and assesses whether a child is developing as expected. Health visits are carried out at a range of settings including child health clinics or at the home address and happen at several key stages of the baby or child's development.

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