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Community Services Statistics - July 2021

Experimental statistics

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Community Services Statistics - July 2021

Health Visiting data

A supplementary file containing Health Visiting metrics has now been added to this publication (see Data Sets section).

18 November 2021 10:32 AM


This is a monthly report on publicly funded community services for people of all ages using data from the Community Services Data Set (CSDS) reported in England for July 2021. It has been developed to help achieve better outcomes and provide data that will be used to commission services in a way that improves health, reduces inequalities, and supports service improvement and clinical quality.

This report uses the new version of the dataset, CSDS v1.5. As an uplift from v1.0, the v1.5 dataset collects additional data on a person's care plan details, employment status and social & personal circumstances.

These statistics are classified as experimental and should be used with caution. Experimental statistics are new official statistics undergoing evaluation. More information about experimental statistics can be found on the UK Statistics Authority website.

***Due to the coronavirus illness (COVID-19) disruption, the quality and coverage of some of our statistics has been affected, for example, by an increase in non-submissions for some datasets. We are also seeing some different patterns in the submitted data. For example, fewer patients are being referred to hospital and more appointments being carried out via phone/telemedicine/email. Therefore, data should be interpreted with care over the COVID-19 period.***

For July 2021, 144 providers successfully submitted data with 143 submitting referrals data and 140 submitting care contact data.

There were 1,329,115 referrals received relating to 979,185 persons needing care, of these:

    *    249,280 referrals related to 220,515 children and young people aged 0 to 18.
    *    391,125 related to 327,420 adults aged 19-64.
    *    688,710 related to 431,305 adults aged 65 and over.

There were 8,232,615 care contacts across all submitters, of which:

    *    1,670,005 related to children and young people.
    *    1,808,315 related to adults aged 19-64.
    *    4,754,185 related to adults aged 65 and over.

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