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3.3 Patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) for elective procedures

Date Range:
01 Apr 2010 to 31 Mar 2018
Publication Date:
Next Publication Date:
17 Sep 2020
Geographic Coverage:
Geographical Granularity:
Clinical Commissioning Groups


Patients' reported improvement in health status following elective procedures, currently covering groin hernia, hip replacement, knee replacement and varicose veins. The PROMs indicator is reported separately for the four conditions.

As of September 2019, data are only presented for hip fracture and knee replacement in line with PROMS reporting.

As of September 2015 the data file now includes both primary and revision figures for hip and knee replacements from 2012/13 onwards. The ordering of the columns has also been updated, in order to be consistent with other indicators, this will affect those automatically linking to data in the CSV file.

Legacy unique identifier: P01846