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Care Information Choices, May 2016

Other reports and statistics
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Snapshot on 02 May 2016


This publication reports on patient opt-out information that has been received from GP practices, as of May 2016.


There are two types of opt-out. A type 1 opt-out prevents information being shared outside a GP practice for purposes other than direct care.


A type 2 opt-out prevents information being shared outside of the HSCIC for purposes beyond the individual's direct care. A more detailed description of opt-outs is available (see related links).


Type 1 and type 2 opts-outs are presented at GP practice level. Type 1 opt-outs are reported as instances (i.e. number of times the opt-out code occurs within GP records, which may include the same patient recorded at more than one practice) and there is no way to de-duplicate this information.


Levels of type 1 opt-outs are therefore likely to be higher than levels of type 2 opt-outs, which are de-duplicated.


As of May 2016:

2.2 per cent of patients in England (around 1 in 45) have opted out of information that identifies them being shared outside of the HSCIC for purposes beyond direct care (a type 2 opt-out).

There are 1,461,877 instances of type 1 opt-out codes occurring within GP records, preventing these records from being shared outside the practice for purposes other than direct care.


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