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Care Information Choices - June 2017

Other reports and statistics
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Snapshot on 01 Jun 2017


This management information publication reports on patient opt-out information that has been received from GP practices, as of June 2017.

There are two types of opt-out. A type 1 opt-out prevents information being shared outside a GP practice for purposes other than direct care.

A type 2 opt-out prevents information being shared outside of NHS Digital for purposes beyond the individual's direct care. A more detailed description of opt-outs is available (see related links).

Type 1 and type 2 opts-outs are presented at GP practice level. Type 1 opt-outs are reported as instances (i.e. number of times the opt-out code occurs within GP records, which may include the same patient recorded at more than one practice) and there is no way to de-duplicate this information.

Levels of type 1 opt-outs are therefore likely to be higher than levels of type 2 opt-outs, which are de-duplicated.

New Health Geography structure:

Please note that this publication reflects NHS England's health geography structure as at 1 April 2017.

This includes the move of 32 practices from NHS Cumbria CCG (01H) to NHS Lancashire North CCG (01K), which has also changed its name to NHS Morecambe Bay CCG (01K) although the CCG code will remain the same. In addition, from this month's publication onwards - the ONS CCG code for NHS Cumbria CCG has changed from E38000041 to E38000215 and for NHS Morecambe Bay CCG from E38000093 to E38000216.

Roundwell Medical Centre (D82023) GP practice has changed its CCG parent from NHS South Norfolk CCG (06Y) to NHS Norwich CCG (06W).

NHS Central Manchester (00W), NHS North Manchester (01M) and NHS South Manchester (01N) have combined to form NHS Manchester CCG with a new code of 14L.


As of June 2017:

2.3 per cent of patients in England (around 1 in 43) have opted out of information that identifies them being shared outside of NHS Digital for purposes beyond direct care (a type 2 opt-out).

There are 1,706,895 instances of type 1 opt-out codes occurring within GP records, preventing these records from being shared outside the practice for purposes other than direct care.


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