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Cancer Survival in England, cancers diagnosed 2015 to 2019, followed up to 2020

National statistics

National Statistics
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Cancer registrations in England can take up to 5 years after the end of a given calendar year to reach 100% completeness, due to the continuing accrual of late registrations. Please see the Cancer Registrations Statistics bulletin for more information.

Estimates for CAs and STPs are also presented in the Index of cancer survival for Clinical Commissioning Groups in England for breast, colorectal and lung cancers and an index of all cancers combined.

The index bulletin uses a different methodology to this publication. This means results presented here are not directly comparable with those from the Index. The main use for the Index of cancer survival in other geographies is the calculation of an all-cancer estimate of survival for small health geographies.

Statistics on cancer around the UK are produced in:


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