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Autism Statistics Quarter 1 (April to June) 2019-20 to Quarter 1 (April to June) 2021-22

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Autism Statistics Quarter 1 (April to June) 2019-20 to Quarter 1 (April to June) 2021-22


These statistics present a group of measures on waiting times for autism spectrum disorder diagnostic pathways, based on the time between a referral for suspected autism and the first care contact associated with that referral.

There are also multiple breakdowns based on the progression and outcomes of those referrals.

Each of these measures contributes to an overall picture of waiting times for diagnostic pathways. The approach is outlined in the methodology section of this publication.

These are experimental statistics and are published to involve users and stakeholders in their development to build in quality and reliability at an early stage.

Through the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, referrals for suspected autism dropped. We are able to see that while the number of providers submitting did not decrease significantly in quarter 1 2020/21, the volume of referrals for suspected autism submitted did. The volume of providers submitting and referrals submitted can be seen below:


  2019/20       2020/21       2021/22
  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1
Providers 63 68 70 74 72 78 84 83 91
Referrals 8,146 9,055 11,775 10,858 7,750 10,162 13,988 14,319 16,991


Waiting time from referral to first care contact

In quarter 1 2021-22 (the latest data), there were 16,991 new referrals to specialist mental health services for suspected autism

Waiting time from referral to care contact dashboard

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