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National Statistics
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Ambulance Services, England - 2004-05

Official statistics, National statistics
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Ambulance Trusts
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01 Apr 1994 to 31 Mar 2005


This bulletin contains information about the ambulance services provided by the National Health Service in England. The information is analysed by individual ambulance service provider to show activity volumes and performance against required standards. Data on ambulance services are collected on return KA34; a copy is included at the end of this bulletin.


The number of category A (immediately life threatening) emergency calls responded to within 8 minutes rose by 10% from 874,000 in 2003-04 to 965,000 in 2004-05

The total number of emergency calls rose by 5% to 5.6 million, incidents attended rose by 6% to 4.5 million and emergency patient journeys rose by 4% to 3.5 million

76.2 per cent of category A calls resulted in an emergency response arriving at the scene of the incident within 8 minutes (75.7 per cent in 2003-04)

ISBN Reference: 1-84636-001-3


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