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Personal Social Services Expenditure and Unit Costs - England, 2004-05

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Country, Regions, Councils with Adult Social Services Responsibilities (CASSRs), Local Authorities
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01 Apr 2004 to 31 Mar 2005


This site contains Personal Social Services (services for both adults and children and families) current expenditure (gross expenditure; net expenditure; income from sales, fees and charges) data reported by councils for 2004-05. There are a number of spreadsheets available giving data for individual councils and totals for type of council and England and a statistical bulletin "Personal Social Services expenditure and unit costs: England: 2004-2005" giving information for England only.

Data on Personal Social Services current expenditure are collated on a return, PSS EX1, made annually to the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) by councils. The PSS EX1 attributes management and support costs to the actual categories of expenditure. Where councils have no better method, costs are attributed on a pro rata basis.

The client groups used are those in the CIPFA guidance and will generally reflect the primary cause for placement/service provided. The term "children" is generally understood as including all children, including those with disabilities; and "older people" will generally include all or most people aged 65 or over.

Information on adult social services grants made by councils was collected on the PSS EX1 for the first time in 2004-05. The resulting data is contained in the "Grants by Council, 2004-05" spreadsheet below.

Please note a correction was made to the Expenditure 2005 Spreadsheet on 1 April 2009.


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