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Community Care Statistics, Supported residents (adults): England, 2005

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Country, Ambulance Trusts
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01 Apr 2004 to 31 Mar 2005


This report has information on residential and nursing care placements funded by councils. It shows how patterns of care differ by client group and by age. It reports on residential care funded by councils and delivered by both councils and the independent sector. This information is also used by the Commission for Social Care Inspection to monitor the performance of social services across councils.

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Key Facts

At 31 March, 2005:

The number of supported residents in Councils with Social Services Responsibilities (CSSR) residential, independent residential, nursing, other and unstaffed homes has decreased to 267,200, a fall of 10,700 (4%) on the previous year.

60% of supported residents were in independent residential care homes, 28% in independent nursing homes, and 10% in CSSR staffed homes.

77% of all supported residents were aged 65 or more.

In 2004-05 there were 79,200 permanent admissions and 277,900 temporary admissions.

ISBN Reference: 1-84636-028-5


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