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Community Care Statistics, Referrals, assessments and packages of care for adults - England, 2005-06, National summary

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Country, Councils with Adult Social Services Responsibilities (CASSRs)
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01 Apr 2005 to 31 Mar 2006


This national summary contains England information and was followed-up by the full national report on 28 February 2007 which contains detailed information at council level.

Key Facts

  • An estimated 2 million contacts from new clients were made to CSSRs in England in 2005-06, an increase of 80,000 (4 per cent) from 2004-05.
  • There were an estimated 651,000 new clients for whom the first assessment was completed during 2005-06. This number is very similar to that in 2004-05.
  • An estimated 1.75 million clients were receiving services during 2005-06, a rise of 2 per cent since 2004-05.
  • 37,000 adults received direct payments during the year, a rise of 54 per cent from 24,000 in 2004-05.
  • In respect of waiting times around 29 per cent of all new older clients aged 65 and over had their assessment completed within 2 days of first contact, 59 per cent were assessed within 2 weeks and 75 per cent were completed within 4 weeks. This is an increase on the 2004-05 figure of 70 per cent complete within 4 weeks.
  • Around three quarters (76 per cent) of new clients aged 65 and over had received all services specified in their care plan within 2 weeks of their completed assessment with 87 per cent waiting up to 4 weeks . This shows a year-on-year improvement since 2003-04.
  • Around 380,000 carers were offered an assessment or review between 1 April 2005 and 31 March 2006, of which 332,000 (87%) were taken up. Around 91,000 of these carers were assessed or reviewed separately from the client they care for.
  • 332,000 carers were assessed or reviewed, an estimated 282,000 carers (85 per cent) received a service following a carers assessment or review compared to 74 per cent in 2004-05.


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