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Community Care Statistics, Referrals, assessments and packages of care for adults - England, 2004-05, National summary

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Councils with Adult Social Services Responsibilities (CASSRs)
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01 Apr 2004 to 31 Mar 2005


The national summary provides provisional information on referrals, assessments and packages of care for adults in England, purchased or provided by Councils with Social Services Responsibilities (CSSRs). A full national report containing final figures for England along with information at CSSR level will be published in February 2006. Most of the information presented has been collected since 2000-01; the exception being some of the waiting times data and data on carers that were collected for the first time in 2003-04 and 2004-05 respectively.

Key Facts

An estimated 2 million contacts from new clients were made to CSSRs in England, a fall of 2% from 2003-04.

There were an estimated 649 thousand new clients for whom the first assessment was completed, a decrease of 1% from a year ago.

In respect of waiting times for new clients aged 65 and over, about 26 per cent of all new older clients had their assessment completed within 2 days of first contact and 55 per cent were assessed within 2 weeks. This is an increase on the 2003-04 figure of 49 per cent complete within 2 weeks, but is below the ministerial target of 70 per cent.

More than two thirds (70 per cent) of all assessments for new older clients were completed within 4 weeks compared to the ministerial target of 100 per cent by December 2004.

1.09 million reviews for existing clients were carried out, a rise of 6% from 2003-04.

There were an estimated 1.72 million clients receiving services during the year.

Community-based services were provided to about 1.47 million clients during the year, accounting for 85% of all clients receiving services.

An estimated 24,500 adults aged 18 and over received direct payments during the year, increasing from 15,100 in 2003-04, a rise of 62 per cent.

Around 74 per cent of new older clients had received all services specified in their care plan within 2 weeks of their completed assessment. This exceeds part of the ministerial target that 70 per cent of all social services for new clients aged 65 and over, following assessment, should be provided within 2 weeks. A further 10 per cent waited up to 4 weeks for all services to be provided, giving a cumulative total of 84 per cent compared to the ministerial target of 100 per cent by December 2004.

ISBN Reference: 1-84636-032-3


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