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Community Care Statistics, Grant-funded services for adults - England, 2006-07

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Country, Councils with Adult Social Services Responsibilities (CASSRs)
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01 Apr 2006 to 31 Mar 2007


This report collects information on the number of adults receiving person centred services from organisations in the independent sector funded via grants from Councils with Social Services Responsibilities (CSSRs) in England.

The information presented in this report was collected using the GFS1 form during the survey week commencing 13 November 2006. If this week could not be used councils were asked to choose an alternative week between 1 September and 30 November 2006.

Organisations were requested to return information on all adults who had received their person centred services during the survey week. They were also asked to provide details on the amount of funding from social services budgets which was given to the schemes in terms of grants. The return was concerned with information on adults aged 18 and over.

The figures in this report are estimated to include only those people that were receiving person centred services as a result of social services funding.

Key Facts

During the survey week in 2006 an estimated 223,100 adults received person centred services delivered by organisations in the independent sector as a result of funding from social services via grants.

  • 52 per cent of people receiving person centred services were aged 65 or over, 27 per cent were aged 18-64, 16 per cent were designated as carers and 5 per cent were age unknown
  • 6,590 schemes funded by social services were operating to provide care during the financial year 2006/07, of these 6,085 (92 per cent) schemes operated during the survey week
  • 47 per cent of schemes were aimed at people aged 65 and over, 32 per cent were aimed at people aged 18-64, 12 per cent were aimed at carers, and 9 per cent were age unknown
  • during 2006/07 an estimated £214 million of social services funding was spent on schemes run by independent organisations. A further £12.6 million was spent on these person centred services from other council budgets.


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