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Acute Patient Level Activity and Costing, 2018-19

Experimental statistics, Other reports and statistics


Accident & emergency (A&E)

The distribution of total cost and count of A&E attendances shown in this chart excludes attendances where the diagnosis is either Unknown or Not Classifiable which made up 21% and 9% respectively of the total cost of the attendances linked to HES A&E data.

This shows that the variation in total cost is influenced by both the count of activity and the diagnosis.

Admitted patient care (APC)

Total cost and count of episodes can be analysed by ICD-10 chapter of primary diagnosis for the linked HES finished consultant episode.

Total cost is influenced by both the frequency of episodes in each diagnosis chapter and by the diagnosis chapter.

Outpatients (OP)

Data has not been analysed by diagnosis due to known incompleteness of diagnosis recording in HES outpatient records.

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