Seven-day Services

The Seven-day Services experimental statistics provide information on how we can effectively measure both improvement and variation in care provision across the week.  Indicators on the following topics are included:

  • Mortality within 30 days of admission by week-part of admission
  • Emergency readmissions within seven days of discharge by day of discharge
  • Length of stay following an emergency admission by day of admission


If variation exists across the week for a particular hospital trust, it should be examined in more detail to understand the causes.  The indicators require careful interpretation and should be used in conjunction with other indicators and information from other sources that together form a holistic view of trust outcomes.

Experimental statistics are official statistics which are published in order to involve users and stakeholders in their development and as a means to build in quality at an early stage.  It is important that users understand that limitations may apply to the interpretation of this data.  

Users of these experimental statistics are invited to comment on these findings.  In particular, we invite users to consider how they can use this information to improve care, and how NHS Digital can develop these statistics to provide better information to drive improvements in care.  Suggestions for improvement can be sent to