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ISB 1555: Birth Notifications

The purpose of this operational information standard is to notify births, allocate NHS Numbers for newborns and send birth details to all relevant departments, thereby fulfilling statutory and screening requirements to notify others outside the maternity department of the birth.

About this information standard

The NHS Number for Babies (NN4B) service has been decommissioned and functionality replaced by an equivalent service provided by the NHS Digital Personal Demographics Service (PDS).

The PDS Birth Notification Data Sets enables all NN4B-compliant systems to send or receive birth notification communications directly to and from the Personal Demographics Service. The standard sets out the systems compliance required by maternity and child health systems for this purpose.

Current release

Release date 11/07/2014
Release number Amd 3/2014
Release title Replacement of the NHS Number for Babies (NN4B) service
Stage Maintenance
Key documents 
Supporting documents 

NHS Data Model and Dictionary Change Request 1383

Further information 

NHS Digital Birth Notification Service


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