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Deployment and utilisation progress data

We're responsible for recording data related to the deployment of systems and services across health and social care systems in England. You'll find links to management information dashboards containing this data.

Our dashboards

Each dashboard demonstrates the progress of these systems and services in terms of deployment and utilisation across England. 

These dashboards will be updated with the latest figures when the data is available. 

Electronic Prescription Service

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) allows prescribers - such as GPs and practice nurses - to send prescriptions electronically to a dispenser (such as a pharmacy) of the patient's choice in England.

View our EPS dashboard

This csv file gives access to a selection of the raw data from the dashboard to enable further analysis.

The data is taken from the ‘Data Table’ page of the dashboard and contains the following fields, GP practice; Registered Patients; EPS items; eRD items; All items; EPS Utilisation; eRD Utilisation and eRD Utilisation (% All Items)"

NHS e-Referral Service

Summary Care Records

Summary Care Records (SCR) are an electronic record of important patient information created from GP medical records. 

SCRs can be viewed through the SCR application, 1-click solutions or fully integrated solutions. 

View our SCR dashboard to see the number of views through the SCR application and 1-click solutions.  

The patient will also have additional information included in their SCR, such as details of long-term conditions, significant medical history, or specific communications needs, unless they have previously told the NHS they did not want this information to be shared. This is a temporary measure to support patient care in the response to coronavirus (COVID-19) and will be reversed when the pandemic is over, unless alternative arrangements have been put in place before the end of the emergency period. Read more about these temporary changes to SCR including additional information

We have made available a report to include the numbers of patients registered with a GP practice that have an SCR with 'additional information'. Aggregations from GP practices up to national level are included in this report.

View the all registered GMS patients dashboard to see the latest statistics on the numbers of enriched SCRs being created across GP practices in England.

Child Protection - Information Sharing

The Child Protection - Information Sharing (CP-IS) project is helping health and children's social care staff to share information and better protect society's most vulnerable children. The project is linking the IT systems used by local authorities and healthcare organisations so that basic child safeguarding information can be shared between them securely.
Visit our interactive implementation maps to find out whether a healthcare setting or local authority is live, or when they plan to go live.

Last edited: 20 May 2020 9:32 am