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Amendment to PROMs Eligible procedures: Knee replacement surgery

From 1st April 2017, following agreement from NHS England, the inclusion criteria for knee replacement patients into the national PROMs programme will change slightly to reflect changes in clinical coding.

The following OPCS codes will be added to the list of codes eligible for PROMs.

  • Primary resurfacing arthroplasty of joint (OPCS W58.1) + knee anatomical codes
  • Revision of resurfacing arthroplasty of joint (OPCS W58.2) + knee anatomical codes

The addition of these two codes bring the list of eligible procedures for knees in line with similar changes to hip replacement surgery previously implemented.

From 1 April 2017, PROMs questionnaires should be offered to all patients undergoing these procedures.

The impact of these changes is expected in most cases to be low, and many hospitals will be offering questionnaires for these procedures already. Apart from a small number of specialised units, these codes represent a small proportion (between 5 and 10%) of most organisation's total knee replacement caseload. If you have any concerns about the number of additional PROMs questionnaires that may be required, please contact your contracted questionnaire supplier in the first instance.

Full clinical guidance is available from A Guide to PROMs Methodology.

For general enquiries about PROMs, please email:

Last edited: 11 April 2018 5:40 pm