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Mental health services monthly statistics

These visualisations present time-series data for selected high level measures from the Mental Health Services Monthly Statistics publication. Data is available from April 2016.

What the data covers

What you can find out
  • How many people are known to be in contact with or referred to secondary mental health services, according to the data submitted to the MHSDS.
  • How many people are known to be subject to the Mental Health Act, according to the data submitted to the MHSDS.
  • Comparisons between providers or Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).
What the reports cannot tell you
  • How many people were in contact with secondary mental health services or subject to the Mental Health Act, as the MHSDS data are known to be incomplete.
  • Whether variations by provider or CCG area are due to variations in levels of mental illness, service provision or due to data quality limitations.
  • Whether changes over time are due to changes in levels of mental illness, service provision or the completeness of the MHSDS data. Any spikes or step changes may be the result of MHSDS data quality issues.

Which dashboards are included

The following dashboards are included:

  • Mental Health Time Series data

Previous dashboards have now been consolidated into the Time series dashboard to help users find all of the data in the dashboards in one place.

Previous dashboards that are now included in the consolidated data include:

  • Mental health services
  • Mental Health Act
  • Mental health services referrals and care contacts for children and young people aged 0 to 18

How to use these tools

To exit full screen mode, press Esc on your keyboard, or click on the diagonal arrows again.

To filter results, please refer to the instructions within or below each visualisation.

These statistics relate to complete calendar month reporting periods. Although it's possible to select part-month start and end periods in these visualisations, the statistics are not provided at this level of detail.

Accessibility of these tools

This tool is in Microsoft PowerBI which does not fully support all accessibility needs. You can find the source data in our Mental Health monthly statistics. If you need further assistance, please contact us for help.

Mental Health Time Series data dashboard

This visualisation provides time series data for key metrics within the Mental Health Services Monthly Statistics publication at national level. It also provides visualisations of the available demographic breakdowns and selected CCG data.

Within the Power BI there is also accompanying commentary to aid users in their understanding of the metrics presented.

Notes and data sources

To help interpret these visualisations, please refer to the MHSDS specifications and guidance.

Further information about the measures presented in the report are available in the Mental Health Services Monthly Statistics publications.


All values are rounded to the nearest 5, except values that are 4 or lower (including 0) which are suppressed to prevent the identification of individuals.

Figures produced by aggregation in this report may differ from those published as this report calculates totals as the sum of rounded figures.

Suppressed values appear as blank cells in tables and are not counted in rounded totals.

Percentages are based on pre-suppressed values and rounded to zero decimal places, except where the numerator is 0-4, where the percentage is suppressed.

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