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Social Care User Surveys (ASCS and SACE Data Collections)

Each year we carry out user surveys to get feedback from service users. Survey information is gathered by councils with social services responsibility, and these pages contain guidance for them.

Why do we need a national survey?

The adult social care survey asks people who are over 18 and who use adult social care about their experiences. We run this questionnaire every year. The questionnaire looks at how these services are helping people to live safely and independently in their own homes.

How are the surveys used and how do we use the surveys?

To provide assured, consistent and comparable local data on care outcomes. It is the most significant pool of personal outcome information for people receiving adult social care.

  • To support transparency and accountability, enabling people to make better choices about their care.
  • To help local services identify areas where outcomes can be improved in a very challenging financial climate, and support their own initiatives with an assured vehicle for obtaining outcome information.
  • To populate outcome measures in the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework.

Using the Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit (ASCOT) measure

ASCOT (Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit) is the source for questions 3a, 4a, 5a, 6a, 7a, 8a, 9a and 11 in the Adult Social Care Survey, ASCOT is designed to capture information about an individual's social care-related quality of life (SCRQoL). ASCOT is owned by the University of Kent and permission is granted for the sole purpose of this ASCS survey, any other use would be considered as a breach of copyright. Users wishing to make any other use of the ASCOT materials should contact the ASCOT team. For further information, please visit the ASCOT website.

Further information

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