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Primary Care Domain Reference Set Portal

The clusters of codes used within business rules, produced by the NHS Digital Primary Care Domain, are now displayed using reference set identifiers (refset IDs).

Primary Care Domain Reference Set Portal

Click here to open the Primary Care Domain Reference Set Portal

Click here to download the .txt data files

Primary Care Domain reference sets (refsets) are clusters of codes used within the business rules authored and maintained by NHS Digital’s Primary Care Domain.

What you can find out from the portal

  • You can see which SNOMED codes are included within current Primary Care Domain refsets.
  • You can find out which refsets are used by which services/rulesets including the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF), enhanced services and others.

What the portal cannot tell you

  • Changes to refset content. Only the current content of each refset is displayed on the portal. See ‘Further resources and information’ below for more details on availability of historical refset content.
  • Drug reference sets. Any drug refsets used by the business rules are not included in the code portal. The drug files can be located on the TRUD pages (details listed in the ‘Further resources and information’ section below).

More information about the portal

  • There can be a lag time between the Primary Care Domain releasing reference set content updates, and these being implemented by GP system suppliers for view on GP practice systems. This means the content shown in the code portal may not always be reflective of the content within GP systems.
  • The data displayed by the portal is also released in a .txt file (use the link at the top of this page to download).

Further resources and information

  • If you plan to use the .txt files, please read the ‘Guide to using the txt file’ published in the zip folder to ensure the SNOMED codes, descriptions and refset IDs remain in the correct format.
  • Primary Care Domain reference sets are published on TRUD.
  • The drug reference sets can also be located on TRUD.
  • There are regular updates to refset content. To stay informed as to when new files are out please sign up to receive notifications from the TRUD website.
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