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GPDPR Programme Board

An overview of the General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) Programme Board plus notes from recent board meetings.


The GPDPR Programme Board is a group of senior leaders from NHS Digital, NHS England and Improvement, and the Department of Health and Social Care who monitor the progress of, give direction to and take decisions in relation to the GPDPR programme.


The programme board meets monthly on the first Wednesday of each month.


Group membership

Role Name
Programme SRO (Chair) Tim Donohoe
CEO, NHSX* Matthew Gould
CEO, NHS Digital  Simon Bolton
Director of Primary Care Technology (NHS Digital)   Richard Alcock
Director of Data Policy (DHSC) Simon Madden
Clinical Lead (NHS Digital) Peter Short
Director of Primary Care (NHSEI) Ursula Montgomery
Chief Data and Analytics Officer (NHSEI) Ming Tang
Director of Primary and Community Health Care (DHSC) Ed Scully
Exec Director of Privacy, Transparency and Ethics (NHS Digital) Jackie Gray

At least six members of the board must be present for each meeting to go ahead.

*NHSX is now part of the NHS Transformation Directorate. The NHS Transformation Directorate unites staff from across NHS England and Improvement and the Department of Health and Social Care behind a common goal: to drive innovation at scale where it can improve care for people and support staff.

The Board is also attended by key members of the Programme Team:

  • Programme Lead (NHS Digital)
  • Data Management, Access and Governance Delivery Lead    
  • Communication and Engagement Delivery Lead        
  • Opt-Outs Lead                           
  • Programme Governance Lead and Secretariat

Board meeting notes

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