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GP Appointments Data Dashboard

Find out about the GP Appointments Data (GPAD) Dashboard, including information on the purpose of the dashboard, how to access it and the data included.

About the dashboard

The GP Appointments Data (GPAD) Dashboard provides information about scheduled activity and usage of GP appointments at practice level. The aim of the dashboard is to inform users about activity in their own practice and the impact of seasonal pressures for management information.

It's only accessible via NHS smartcard.

The dashboard provides
  • A summary of Total Appointments by Status, Mode, HCP, Waiting Time across patients registered to practices on your NHS smartcard
  • Total appointments comparison to previous periods
  • Appointment Cross Tabs analysis by Status/Mode/HCP/Wait Time/National Categories/SD Role
  • Data Quality Summary page to highlight data quality issues
  • National Categories Cross tab along with metrics showing mapping progress to date
  • Ability to download data for further analysis

Getting access

The dashboard is live and ready for access via smartcard. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1 – Smartcard setup checks

To see GP practice appointment data you’ll need to have each practice on your smartcard along with one of the following activity codes:

  • B0360 (view detailed health records) which also grants access through B8006 (execute clinical reports)
  • B0258 (execute contracting reports)
  • B0945 (execute management reports)
  • B0560 (perform patient admin

Work with your local RA and practices to get these added where they are not already present. If you don’t know your local RA, many (but not all) are listed on our contact details page, or you can contact your local CCG for assistance.

If you have worked with your RA to get one of the required activity codes added to your smartcard for your practice(s), please be aware that it can take around 48 hours after the addition for access to be updated on the dashboard.

You’ll need to check your system status with regards to NHS Credential Management software, which is required to access the dashboards. This is currently being deployed by CCGs and IT support organisations across the NHS estate. Check if NHS Credential Management is installed on your machine.

If you see the following message when you try to log on, it means the NHS Credential Management software is not installed:

dashboard error

If the NHS Credential Management is not installed, we recommend that you contact your local CCG/IT support to find out the deployment path. Deployments are happening rapidly, and we’d expect your situation will be resolved in the near future.  

If this does not solve your immediate issue, discuss options with your local IT on how to get your machine updated ahead of their deployment schedule.

Step 2 – Access and training

About the data

The GPAD collection is the primary data source for the information produced in this dashboard. Data is collected from GP systems from participating practices with 98% coverage in England (as of December 2020). These include practices using EMIS, TPP, EVA (Microtest), Informatica and Cegedem (Vision) supplier systems.

Dashboard data is updated on a weekly basis, every Thursday at 10am . 

If you have any concerns or issues with the data presented or missing data, contact the NHS Digital national service desk on or 0300 303 5035 with the details and they will investigate.

Use the user guide and training videos below to help you get the most out of the dashboard.

User guide

Release information

Latest releases

8 December 2022

The following updates has been released:

  • Remove ARRS role matrix from home page
  • Remove ARRS role DQ matrix from DQ page and replace that with wait time
  • Some format changes in front page to align and make borders thickness uniform

Previous releases

You can view information about previous releases by opening the following expanders:

6 September 2022

The following updates has been released:

  • the Download page has been updated to show the practice name
  • the Guidance page service URL has been updated
21 July 2022

The following update has been released:

Comparator filter updated to reflect the Sub ICB location replacing the CGG. 

16 June 2022

The following update has been released:

The addition of a text box window to allow a message to be displayed to the user. 

31 March 2022

The following updates have been released.

Comparators to allow users to compare their appointment data against the following geographic averages:

  • PCN
  • CCG
  • National
27 January 2022

The following updates have been released.

Data Quality summary visualisation added to the home page, this shows the % of appointments that have been:

  • mapped to admin / clerical national categories
  • with unmapped national category
  • with duration of 0 minutes
  • with duration unknown
  • with a healthcare professional not assigned to an ARRS* (Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme) staff role

The request to add the Data Quality summary to the home page is to highlight to the user the areas where their data quality could be improved. For tips and guidance on how to improve your data quality please go to (Appointments in General Practice report - NHS Digital)

*ARRS (Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme) staff roles have been created as part of NHS England funding to provide up to 26,000 additional roles to create multi-disciplinary teams. More information on this scheme is available form NHS England via NHS England - Expanding our workforce.

25 November 2021

The following updates have been released:

  • Appointment Details Cross Tab - enables slicing of appointment data by multiple different categories such as Appointment Status, Mode, Healthcare Professional, Time between Booking and Appointment, National Categories and SDS Role (a more detailed breakdown of the Healthcare Professional)
  • National Categories Cross Tab – enables slicing of national categories appointment data by the respective Context Type and Service Setting
  • Download your Data – provides a more detailed breakdown of your recorded appointments. You can download this information from the dashboard by clicking the ‘Download Data’ button
22 October 2021

The following updates have been released:

  • National categories added
12 August 2021
  • reformat headlines
  • DQ summary page added
  • add 2019 where available to “previous period” charts
  • accessibility improvements
24 June 2021


  • information link added to Home page to navigate to Guidance and Information page
  • missing values on the Home page (e.g. where a practice has no face to face appointments) now appear as ‘0’, rather than a blank view
  • ‘Last accessed timestamp’ added to the Home page
  • time between booking and appointment filter added to make the chart more readable and give users the option to select a comparison
10 June 2021
  • restructuring of the dashboard
  • performance improvements

Terms of use

User access to the Secure Portal (dashboard) is strictly subject to the Dashboard End User Access Agreement.

By accessing the Disclosed Data through the Secure Portal, users are accepting the terms of the Dashboard End User Access Agreement.

Additional information

ARRS (Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme)

ARRS roles refer to the staff roles reimbursable through the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme. This new set of roles are currently being implemented across all GP systems for assignment to the NHS Smartcards holder's profile.

To give practices / PCNs early sight of their progress against implementing these new roles locally, the number and percentage of appointments recorded against these new ARRS roles are displayed in the GP Appointment Dashboard. However, not all system suppliers have updated their systems to support the new ARRS roles. For practices using EMIS, Non-ARRS Staff appointments will show as 100%, as system updates are ongoing to support this new change. Currently, only practices using SystmOne and Cegedim are able to add these roles to their smartcards.

Further communications will be issued in due course once these updates are complete, detailing the actions required from practices to set-up these new roles on their smartcard.

By using the correct HCP types for these roles, PCNs/practices will support a better understanding of the contribution that ARRS staff are making to primary care. To improve data quality, practices will need to assign the new ARRS roles to their Smartcard holder's profile.

Guidance to help you improve your appointment data quality

NHS England » Improving GP appointment data

EMIS Web users

Find out more about the data quality guidance for practices using EMIS

SystmOne users

Find more information about data quality guidance for practices using SystmOne.

Cegidem users

We are aware of some Practices reporting a slot type complexity issue within Cegidem  (formerly known as Vision) which may impact on the way the national category data is presented within the dashboard.  A system change is required to resolve this issue fully.

In the meantime it is possible that Practices have deployed workarounds that may impact on the way that the national category data is shown in the dashboard. For example, you may have paused your mapping to reduce the number of errors that you receive. Any workarounds that have been introduced could result in incorrect numbers or blank fields on the dashboards where national category data should be displayed.

We'd like to assure users that this issue will not affect the way other appointment data is displayed within the dashboard and that the dashboard will display the correct national category mapping data once the underlying system issues are resolved.

Queries and support

If you have any queries and need additional support, contact the NHS Digital national service desk on or 0300 303 5035.

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