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Transformation blog posts 2017

Read about how NHS Digital and NHS England are working together, and with partners, to transform health and care.

These are the blog posts from 2017. You can see the latest posts on our blog home page.

Moving digital inclusion from the margins to the mainstream

With our delivery partner, Good Things Foundation, we are working in an agile way with stakeholders in the local pathfinder areas, shaping the pilot work through interactive Design Workshops. The pathfinders are giving us valuable learning on what works best to increase digital inclusion with particular target groups – including homeless people, young people with mental health issues, and people with cardiovascular disease.

How we do user-centred design for citizen-facing services – part two

In part one of this series, I talked about the different kinds of user needs our services have to meet – clinical, practical and emotional – and introduced the six principles of the international standard for human-centred design. This post is to tell you more about those principles, and how we apply them in our work on citizen-facing services at NHS Digital.

How we do user-centred design for citizen-facing services – part one

At the EHI Live conference last week, Domain A interim director Alan Morgans and I presented on our citizen-facing services. In this series of posts, I would like to share what I said there about our approach to user-centred design.

Migrating our NHS Choices content to provide a better experience for users

You may have noticed a new look to some of our pages on NHS Choices (

Online consultations in general practice – new funding opens opportunities for patients and practices

I’m genuinely excited about the launch of the General Practice Forward View’s £45 million fund to support more GP practices in offering online consultations for their patients. This is a major step in NHS England’s work to empower patients and clinicians through digital technology, and is expected to release time for clinicians and improve patient experience. The fund was announced as part of the General Practice Forward View in April 2016 and is being allocated in 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20.

8 cyber security tips you can start doing right now

One of our roles is to support patient trust in how we use data and how we keep it safe and secure. Our Data Security Centre is at the forefront of this and provides advice and guidance to the health and care system.

Working in partnership to deliver digital transformation

Frontline care is under increasing pressure. Those working on the frontline in health and social care face conflicting priorities and demands, and have to make difficult decisions at a time when it is harder than ever before to make ends meet.

Technology is the easy bit: Achieving a paperless NHS

Following the Five Year Forward View and Personalised Health and Care 2020, we are transforming the way the health and social care sector works across multiple programmes.

How easy is it to access GP online services?

Have you ever found yourself on the phone first thing in the morning queuing for a GP appointment, or having to organise a special journey to your GP for a repeat prescription? If you’re familiar with either of these situations, I’d like you to know that there is another way!

MyNHS – Our journey towards a more transparent healthcare system

It is important that we make information about how health services are performing more open and accessible. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it can have a positive effect on the quality of the services delivered.

Bridging the gap between digital innovation and clinical, patient and citizen need

The digital revolution and technology transformation is a well-trodden path in the private sector. The life enhancing flexibility and convenience offered through digital technologies has seen a real shift in the way people are choosing to transact.  The common denominator is arguably the ‘customer-centric’ business models and user-centered design techniques delivered through the convenience of ubiquitous mobile technologies. Consumers are voting with their fingers rather than their feet, choosing to transact via mobile apps rather than retail parks and high streets.

Improving the way partners use NHS content in their apps and services

Our free syndication programme allows partners to embed NHS Choices content (including multimedia tools and videos) within their websites, negating the need for in-house development or external signposting. In the past year, 50 million people have viewed NHS content via partner websites. For example, Microsoft Bing uses our content to power their GP and Hospital experience for local search queries, and Myria Systems has implemented the information across a range of GP websites.


An Atlas of Solutions

The NHS Atlas of Variation tells an important story of the level of variation found in health outcomes across England, providing data in accessible and comparable ways so that local areas can explore further and test whether the variation is justified or unwarranted, and where the latter, do something about it.

Digital resilience: Three things we learnt about how health and care practitioners can help teens with mental health difficulties

How can we better support teens with mental health difficulties to develop resilience in their use of digital technologies? And what do health and care practitioners need to know? Commissioned to inform the Widening Digital Participation Programme, we sought to better understand how teens with mental health difficulties are navigating their connected lives. The report comprises a review of evidence alongside insights from seven interviews with teens and two focus groups. It also includes insights from mHabitat’s participatory work with young people.

Jobs to be Done: A Case Study in the NHS

This is somewhat of a hot topic in UX at the moment even though there are limited examples of how it's actually been applied to a project. It's because of this I wanted to share our honest experience with it.

NHS Digital is supporting urgent and emergency care services in winter 2016/17

In the NHS, we faced a very challenging winter in 2016/17. Some patients waited unacceptably long times in A&E departments for admission to hospital, others spent long periods in hospital when they were clinically ready for discharge. So huge efforts are being made to improve services for this winter.

Who are you? Proving identity in health and care

Hello my name is Mike Tattersall but there’s no easy way to prove that in digital health and care services currently. At NHS Digital, and in partnership with NHS England, we are looking at how we can enable patients to securely and conveniently access online health services in a consistent way.