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Our work

NHS Digital's work in technology in health and care.


NHS Digital architecture

Architecture is integral to the design and delivery of all products and services that we produce and maintain for the health and social care system.


Our role and remit in the health service

NHS Digital supplies information and data to the health service, provides vital technological infrastructure, and helps different parts of health and care work together.


Keeping patient data safe

We are the guardians of patient data, making sure it's protected, and only ever used for the good of health and care. We advise health and care on cyber and data security.


Our projects

These are collaborations between NHS Digital and health and social care bodies or stakeholders. See how we're working with partners to improve digital innovation, inclusion, standards and more.


Digital inclusion for health and social care

A guide to help providers, commissioners, and designers create products and services which are inclusive of all types of user, and accessible to those with additional needs.