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Summary Hospital-level Mortality Indicator

The Summary Hospital-level mortality indicator (SHMI) is an indicator that reports mortality statistics across NHS hospitals in England. The report is published every three months. It covers all the reported deaths of patients who died while in a hospital or people who died within 30 days of being discharged from hospital.

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The SHMI is the ratio between the actual number of patients who die following hospitalisation at the hospital and the number of patients that would be expected to die based on the characteristic of the patient's illness.

SHMI values for each hospital trust are published along with three different bandings which show if a hospital's mortality statistics are higher than expected,  lower than expected, or as expected.

The data used to produce the SHMI are created from data the trusts send to the Secondary Uses Service (SUS). The data are processed by NHS Digital to create Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data, which are then linked with data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) death registrations to include deaths which have happened outside hospital. SHMI uses provisional and finalised HES data.

Each SHMI dataset is published for the last 12 months up to the date of the most recent publication. Older SHMI datasets are available, the first SHMI publication was published in October 2011.

We know the SHMI will need to be understood, interpreted and reproduced by different users so we publish the methodology, the contextual indicators and the specifications we use to create the SHMI publications.

SHMI - analysis of diagnosis group breakdown data

We piloted an interactive analysis of the Summary Hospital-level Mortality Indicator (SHMI) data broken down by trust and diagnosis group to accompany the existing SHMI resources in February 2017.

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