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SMS test tools

We provide resources for interface development and those seeking assurance. including the ITK Testbench,

ITK Testbench

The ITK testbench contains two tools; Toolkit Workbench (TKW) and autotest manager.

  • TKW is command-line standalone test engine for message validation, message transmission, and ITK end point simulation.
  • Autotest manager is a GUI driven fully automated test tool, which orchestrates the execution of multiple tests using TKW as the test engine. The Autotest manager has recently been updated to include a ‘single run’ mode which effectively offers, via the GUI, the same functions as the TKW command line.

Learn  more about the ITK Test bench.  

Further information

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    Stage 1: Getting started quick start

    Enables a developer to become familiar with a typical journey that they will take to develop and deploy their solution in a live care setting.

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