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Service management (live service)

Service management overview and national service desk

As part of the NHS Digital service management processes, the supplier will have access to the NHS Digital National Service Desk (NSD), through which issues with NHS Digital services can be raised and resolved. To access the NSD you must register your organisation. You can contact the national service desk by:

Telephone: 0300 303 5035
Report via our customer portal

Alternatively, you can download and complete this form and email it to NSD to initiate the registration process for your organisation.

Minimal data set

Minimal Data Set for Spine Mini Service Provider can be found through the National Service Desk.  It defines the data set which is required at the point of making contact with NHS Digital when reporting an incident regarding the SMSP service.

High Severity Service Incident (HSSI) definition

These are incidents defined or classified as severity level 1 or 2 in NHS Digital severity level guidelines.

Spine service performance

Provides information on the Spine infrastructure

Further information

internal Stage 1: Getting started quick start

Enables a developer to become familiar with a typical journey that they will take to develop and deploy their solution in a live care setting.

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