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Secondary Uses Service (SUS) SUS+ replacement

Find Secondary Uses Service (SUS) SUS+ replacement resources and support, including information on release history, user support and development.

Release history

SUS+ show and tells

Transition from SUS to SUS+

NHS Improvement guidance on SUS+ transition.

Portal Configuration Guidance

Assistance for technical support staff in configuring systems to ensure continued access to SUS and SUS+ portals.

Extract specification

Please refer to the SUS PbR Guidance webpage


Interchange Data Quality User Guide

The Interchange Data Quality Report provides organisations who submit CDS data to SUS with near immediate feedback regarding the quality of the data in each interchange.

This document provides information about how the report is built and distributed, guidance on how to register to receive the report and recommendations for consuming the report in a resilient way.

Draft Unified Extract Specification - feedback requested

The PowerPoint slidedeck contains information related to the Unified Extract that we are developing.  The proposal is to deliver these extracts using JSON Lines instead of CSV.

Background related to the Unified Extract is provided in the PowerPoint Slide deck.  Additional technical information is available in the Readme.txt file included in the zip file. This file is best read by right clicking the file and selecting view file from within the Zip folder.

Within the zip file, separate folders contain information related to the main CDS types; Admitted Patient Care, Outpatient, and Emergency Medicine.  Each of these folders contains two sub-folders, one containing a file of test data and the other containing the JSON schema file and a CSV version of the specification (also referring to the JSON format).

The Readme file contains links to example web based parsers to view the data file and to visualise the schema.

Please send any feedback to the

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