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Secondary Uses Service what's new

Find out what's new with the Secondary Uses Service (SUS) by reading our latest news and announcements.

June 2022

SUS+ ECDS SNOMED code lists

29 June 2022

As part of last night's SUS+ release, the ECDS SNOMED approved and mapped code lists were updated in the system. 

ECDS SNOMED approved code list

ECDS SNOMED mapped code list


Guidance Approved to Continue Sending sub-ICB Location Code as Code of Commissioner

27 June 2022

As part of the Health and Care Act 2022 reforms CCGs will no longer be legal entities from 1 July 2022.  The Finance and Digital Boundary Changes Task and Finish Group has endorsed the continued use of CCG codes, as these will represent sub-ICB locations, in the CDS item Code of Commissioner.  With further changes to organisation codes a prospect in the near future, this is regarded as a pragmatic change until commissioning responsibilities have settled under the Act.  This is an extract from the linked paper, approved on 22 June 2022, and has further context:

  • the choice is between Code of Commissioner based on ICB or sub-ICB location
  • whilst commissioning responsibility rests with the ICB and therefore - as currently worded in the Data Dictionary - providers should submit the ICB code in the Code of Commissioner field, a switch to ICB code would be more difficult for providers to implement than sub-ICB location as the latter represents a smaller step from CCG
  • it will be possible for users to aggregate up from sub-ICB location to ICB using the many-to-one mapping
  • it will also be possible to derive sub-ICB location and ICB from the GP practice and postcode information that providers return; and any discrepancies with the submitted Code of Commissioner identified and explored
  • providers should therefore be asked to submit the sub-ICB location code in the Code of Commissioner field from 1July 2022

New IP address ranges for SUS+ may need changes to local firewall settings

16 June 2022

Migrating SUS+ to a cloud platform means a new range of IP addresses will be used to permit access to the SUS+ extract portal and to the Data Landing Portal.  Users may need to change the settings of their local firewall to allow communication with these cloud-based services. 

Existing IP addresses recognised by local firewalls will remain in place until SUS+ has moved to the new platform and should remain active. 

Both sets of addresses can co-exist and acting on this notice will allow users to seamlessly transfer from the current infrastructure to its cloud-based replacement.

The new IP ranges to allow are:

VPCSubHSCNDmzA = "" # HSCN DMZ Primary Subnet A

VPCSubHSCNDmzB = "" # HSCN DMZ Secondary Subnet B

Successfully pinging any one of the addresses in the range will show that the local firewall allows communication without further work.

All sites should complete this local configuration change by 1 August 2022. Request is to ping the about IP addresses just to test.

Users wishing to participate in testing the cloud-based portals will need to make these changes by 1 July 2022.

Thank you to those users who have offered their help with testing.  New volunteers for testing are requested to contact


CDS v6.3 XML schema

15 June 2022

An issue has been identified with the CDS v6.3 XML schema (v6.3.0).

In CDS Types 150 and 160 the Birth Episode structure is incorrectly specified as mandatory in the schema, despite all the data items within this structure being required or optional.

As a result, submissions using the v6.3.0 schema would be rejected unless the Birth Episode structure is included.

A new CDS v6.3 schema (v6.3.1) will be issued shortly which corrects this issue. No other amendments (other than changes to reflect the updated version numbering) are expected to be made.

In the meantime, we would recommend that development work using v6.3.0 of the XML schema should proceed with caution and should take into account the above issue. Once v6.3.1 is issued, v6.3.0 will be removed from TRUD and should no longer be used. A further communication will be issued to confirm this.

May 2022

SUS+ ECDS SNOMED code lists

31 May 2022

As part of last night's SUS+ release, the ECDS SNOMED approved and mapped code lists were updated in the system. 

ECDS SNOMED approved code list

ECDS SNOMED mapped code list

April 2022

2022/23 Final Tariff and Grouper deployed in SUS+

21 April 2022

Final tariff prices and groupers for 2022/23 were included in the SUS+ release of 13 April.

These will be applied to all data with activity dates from 1 April onwards submitted after their implementation in live.

2022/23 final tariff reference data is available on the SUS+ PbR Guidance web page.

CDS 6.3 schema

19 April 2022

An updated version of the CDS v6.3 XML schema (v6.3.0) has recently been released, and is available from the TRUD website.

The updated schema includes some minor corrections to amend field lengths from ‘n3’ to ‘max an3’ for various ‘SUPPORT DAYS’ data items. Minor changes have also been made to update the schema name of the SPECIALISED SERVICE CODE data item, update the CARE PROFESSIONAL MAIN SPECIALTY CODE data item from mandatory to required, and add a placeholder data item (EMED3 FIT NOTE ISSUER), in preparation for the CDS v6.3 corrigendum that will be released in the near future.

The new v6.3.0 schema replaces the previously issued v6.3 schema, which has been removed from TRUD, and submissions of CDS v6.3 should be made using the new v6.3.0 schema.

March 2022

SUS+ ECDS SNOMED code lists

31 March 2022

As part of last night's SUS+ release, the ECDS SNOMED approved and mapped code lists were updated in the system. 

ECDS SNOMED approved code list

ECDS SNOMED mapped code list

SUS+ DLP Python Upgrade Release

21 March 2022

SUS+ has been working to remediate technical debt accrued by using out of date versions of the Python programming language. It is a phased approach and updating the Data Landing Portal is the first stage of the wider project.

This work extends the usability of SUS+ by ensuring the version of Python it runs will continue to be supported in future years.

We are pleased to announce that work on DLP is now complete, and the code will be released into live this week – most likely on the evening of Wednesday 23 March 2022.

We have tested extensively and do not anticipate users will notice any difference in the appearance or performance of DLP. This note is to ask that if you notice anything you did not expect please raise a call with the National Service Desk (NSD).

SUS+ ECDS extract issue

10 March 2022

As part of the preparation work for CDS6.3, an unforeseen error has occurred in the ECDS supplementary extract.
Currently all SUS+ ECDS extracts are not populating the column “Sequence Number” in the repeating group “Emergency Care Procedure (SNOMED CT)”.
SUS+ has a code fix being tested now but due to inclusion next week, the code fix will not be deployed until 8pm on Wednesday 23/03/2022.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

CDS6.2.1 unsupported by SUS+ for April 2022

4 March 2022

With the widescale implementation of ECDS version 3, NHS England has taken the decision to retire the oldest ECDS schema, CDS6.2.1. This means that CDS6.2.1 will no longer be supported by SUS+ as of the 1 April 2022. Therefore, all providers who currently submit ECDS using this schema will need to move to the latest one, CDS6.2.3, prior to April 2022.

Any providers currently using CDS6.2.1 that will be unable be to move to the current CDS6.2.3 schema by April, must contact their respective Data Liaison Managers for support in the first instance or contact the national ECDS team directly on

Data liaison manager (NHS Digital)
Area Name Email address
East of England Debbie Bassett
London Michael Roch
Midlands Leigh Jones
North East and York Damaris Collins
North West Julie Whittaker
South East Dan Macauley
South West Wayne Chan


ECDS SNOMED approved list updated

3 March 2022

As part of last night's SUS+ weekly release, the ECDS SNOMED approved list was updated in SUS+.

SNOMED Diagnosis code 700372006, valid to date of 2022-03-31 was removed.

ECDS SNOMED approved list

ECDS SNOMED mapped list

February 2022

2022/23 Consultation Tariff and Grouper deployed in SUS+

11 February 2022

Consultation tariff prices and the Consultation grouper for 22/23 were included in last night’s SUS+ release. 

Portal users can now choose these options when running extracts.

22/23 Consultation tariff reference data is available on the SUS+ PbR Guidance web page.

CDS v6.3 online state of readiness questionnaire

7 February 2022

The CDS v6.3 state of readiness questionnaire is now open for responses from care providers, system suppliers and middleware suppliers, and closes on 28 February 2022.

For more information, please visit

January 2022

NHS England Organisation code guidance

17 January 2022

NHS England organisation and site code guidance to support the NHS England commissioning of independent sector provider resource now available.

This guidance is valid with immediate effect.

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