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Secondary Uses Service what's new

Find out what's new with the Secondary Uses Service (SUS) by reading our latest news and announcements.

November 2019

SUS+ Annual User Satisfaction Survey 2019


The annual SUS+ User Satisfaction Survey is now available to all SUS+ users.

Access the survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this short survey.


SUS+ 2020-21 - Submission Timetable published


The SUS+ 2020-21 Submission Timetable has been published on the SUS PbR Guidance webpages. The timetable contains details of 2020-21 financial year submission and publication dates for Reconciliation, Post-Reconciliation, HES deadlines and Annual HES Refresh inclusion dates.


September 2019

Submitting data to SUS


An updated Submitting data to SUS guidance document has been published on the SUS guidance web page 


EDT removed from SUS+


Please note that External Data Transfer (EDT) was removed from SUS+ at 6pm on Wednesday 11/09/2019. 

The only way to submit interchanges to SUS+ now is via Message Exchange for Social Care and Health (MESH).

If you have not submitted interchanges to SUS+ via MESH yet, please contact your XML middleware supplier.

August 2019

Notice of EDT deprecation re-published


Please note that after 30 August 2019 the use of the Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) will no longer be supported by the SUS+ service. 

After 30 August 2019 only the Message Exchange for Social Care and Health (MESH) mechanism will be supported by the SUS+ service for the transfer of CDS interchange data.

If you have any issues with the removal of EDT after 30 August 2019, please email

July 2019

Same Day Emergency Care Survey


The Same Day Emergency Care Survey is now available.


SUS+ Portal planned outage - Wednesday 17 July 2019


Due to the planned Care Identity Service (CIS) essential maintenance outage on Wednesday 17 July 2019 from 18:30 to 23:59, the SUS+ Portal will not be available from 18:00 to 20:00.

SUS+ users who are required to run extracts after the inclusion deadline on 17 July 2019, should aim to run their extracts before 18:00, after 20:00 or utilise the SUS+ deferred extract functionality.


NHS Digital Provider and Commissioner Surveys


NHS Digital is reviewing the way in which data is transmitted from NHS providers to NHS Digital for secondary uses. The aim is to identify ways to reduce duplication and simplify existing data submission processes.

Please can you complete our provider (Trust) or commissioning (CCG) surveys, which will enable us to capture at a high level, the impact, indicative costs and timescales for the adaption of your systems to enable these proposed changes. The closing date is midnight, 12 July 2019.

June 2019

Archiving 2015/16 data from SUS+


SUS+ supports two years plus the current year of active data for commissioning purposes. Data that is older than this is archived and will be held in SEM format and JSON format for extract by special request. The SUS+ team have not activated the archival over the last two years. We are going to re-instate this pattern starting with data for the 2015/16 financial year. This will include data for closed admitted patient care (APC), outpatient (OP) and accident & emergency (A&E). Any open admitted patient care spells with one or more episodes in the 2015/16 financial year will continue to be processed, including updates to the 2015/16 episode data.

We do not anticipate that providers will need to update 2015/16 data. However, we are giving notice that if any updates to this data are required they should be submitted to SUS by 12 July 2019. 

2015/16 data received after this data will not be included in the archived data (except for data related to open spells). 

From 2 August 2019 access to 2015/16 data will be removed from the SUS+ Portal and this data will only be available on request via the SUS+ Historical Data Request Form.

Admitted patient care data related to patients who were discharged after 31 March 2016 will continue to be available via the PbR extracts in the SUS Portal.

CDS6.2 and CDS6.2.2 (ECDS phase 2) submissions to SUS+ via MESH


From 0800 this morning changes have been implemented in SUS+ to enable support of CDS Schema 6.2.2 (ECDS Phase 2) and the submission of all CDS interchange types (CDS6.2) over MESH.  Colleague organisations with the required approvals can now begin these submissions, Test and LIVE interchanges are supported both for CDS Schema 6.2.2 and CDS schema 6.2 submitted via MESH. 

The new deadline for EDT deprecation is now 31/08/2019.

NOTE:  Organisations that submit interchanges to SUS are advised to exercise care when transitioning between the EDT and the MESH channels.  Due to the independent nature of these channels within SUS there is a chance that interchanges could be processed out of order if interchanges for a provider are sent over both.  It is recommended that interchanges that have been submitted via EDT for a given provider, should complete before interchanges for the same provider are submitted via MESH.  Interchanges for a given provider should not be interleaved across channels.

April 2019

Weekly SUS+ release


The weekly SUS+ release on Thursday 11/04/2019 at 6pm, included the implementation of the latest ECDS SNOMED validation table, SNOMED translation table and the change to the Patient Group processing.

March 2019

Weekly SUS+ release


The weekly SUS+ release that went in last night 14/03/2019 at 6pm, did not include any changes to the SUS+ ECDS processing logic. 

Those changes will aim to be deployed as part of the next SUS+ weekly release on 27/03/2019.

2018 SUS+ User Satisfaction Survey - Results


The 2018 SUS+ User Satisfaction Survey Results have been published.
SUS+ User Satisfaction Survey 2018 - Results

Thank you to all responders of the survey. If you have any questions, please email

Weekly SUS+ release delayed


Due to unforeseen circumstances, last night's scheduled SUS+ release (06/03/2019) has been postponed until the evening of Wednesday 13 March 2019.

We apologise for the inconvenience. 

Weekly SUS+ release delayed


Due to unforeseen circumstances, last night's scheduled SUS+ release (06/03/2019) has been postponed.

We will update this web page when a new release deployment date is confirmed.

We apologise for the inconvenience. 

Implementation of ECDS changes in SUS+


From the evening of Wednesday 06 March 2019, SUS+ will be updated to reflect changes identified in the most recent version of the ECDS TRUD.  This includes the implementation of changes to the translation of ECDS codes to the CDS 010 Patient Group and the implementation of the new translation table documented in the TRUD.

By design these changes are not date bound within SUS+ and so will impact all ECDS records in the data store.  Users wishing to update previously downloaded data with the new derivations can do so by extracting the ECDS data from SUS+ on or after Thursday 07 March 2019.  All ECDS data extracted on or after that date will reflect the revised translation table and processing logic. 

***Note:  Providers do not need to re-submit data in order to have the new values reflected in SUS

The SUS team will liaise directly with DSCROs and other ALBs who are receiving weekly feeds of ECDS data to arrange for the generation of new baselines to reflect the changes to the processing logic.

There is a SUS+ User Show and Tell on Wednesday 06 March 2019 where the team will respond to questions.  If you have not had an invite to that please contact the team mailbox at and we will add you to the invite list.

Validation of UBRN and Patient Pathway Identifier (PPID) in SUS+


Please note that the validation of submitted UBRN and PPID values by SUS+ is dependent on an unautomated feed of weekly of data from the eRS system.  This can result in some records being marked as having a invalid identifiers as a result of the time lag between the two systems.

February 2019

Notice of EDT deprecation re-published


Please note that after 30 May 2019 the use of the Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) file transfer mechanism will no longer be supported by the SUS+ service.  After 30 May 2019 only the Message Exchange for Social Care and Health (MESH) mechanism will be supported by the SUS service for the transfer of CDS interchange data.

EDT is a legacy transfer mechanism that was used to transfer CDS Interchanges in the SUS system. The decision was taken to continue support for EDT in the replacement SUS+ system.  This reduced the level of change that the NHS had to accommodate during the transition to SUS+ thereby reducing the level of risk to that project.

EDT is not, however, a strategic product and is not fully supported. It therefore represents a risk to the SUS+ service.

MESH is the fully supported strategic mechanism for transmitting data between NHS organisations. It is therefore important that the transfer of vital CDS interchange data be moved to the MESH protocol. 

The SUS+ system has now been amended to support the receipt of all SUS+ CDS types using the MESH transport mechanism. This includes both test and live interchanges. Organisations that transmit CDS data to SUS+ now have eight months to move their transmissions to MESH.

January 2019

SUS+ 2019-20 Submission Timetable re-published


The SUS+ 2019-20 Submission Timetable has been re-published on the SUS PbR Guidance webpages, with a clarification of publication day time.

The timetable contains details of 2019-20 financial year submission and publication dates for Reconciliation, Post-Reconciliation, HES deadlines and Annual HES Refresh inclusion dates.

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