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Registration Authority training

Find out about Care Identity Services e-learning materials.

Local Registration Authority (RA) managers should offer advice about their RA training requirements before working through the following material.

Care Identity Services - e-learning

NHS Digital offered an e-learning package from 2014 to support CIS go-live, which has helped to train over 13,000 RA staff across England in using the CIS and National RA Policy and Governance.  This particular e-learning package was closed in May 2016; however the information is available in these formats:

1. The National RA Policy course (renamed as the National RA and smartcard Policy) is available, but new users need to register for an account.

The course has a pass requirement of a 100% score and you can save and print your pass certificate, which is available when you save and exit the course.  

ESR users may have access to this learning package directly. If you've successfully completed the course via ESR, you won't be given the certificate option but your result will be saved on the ESR learning report, which you can get from your local ESR contact.

2. RA managers can download RA Role Specific presentations for delivering one-to-one and group training sessions.

3. CIS Quick Guides are available for cascading to local RA staff who have completed the necessary Policy and Role Specific training through our homepage.

Last edited: 13 June 2018 1:04 pm