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Get Register with a GP surgery service in your practice

To get this service, your surgery will first need to contact our onboarding team.

You can now self-enrol using Profile Manager or be manually set up by our service registration and onboarding team. 

For either option they will help you to get the service and make sure it is ready to use at your surgery.

The team has already been in contact with some surgeries. If your surgery is already in contact with the team then you should not need to do anything else.

The current onboarding process

The current on-boarding process follows these steps:

  1. We will give you a short demonstration of the service. This includes an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the service.
  2. If you want to go ahead and get the service you can continue to self-enrol and select the questions you would like to use or we will ask you some questions to find out more of your surgery's requirements.
  3. You will be sent a bespoke weblink to put on your website. This is how patients access the service with your surgery. The weblink is tailored to our understanding of what surgeries require.
  4. You will be provided with a test patient profile to check that the website link is working correctly. Support is available throughout this process. 
  5. The service is ready to use at your surgery.

Deciding not to use the service

If you decide that you are not ready to use the service then you will be given the opportunity to provide feedback as to why. 

If you want to get the service at a later date, send your contact details and surgery name to our onboarding team.

Contact our onboarding team

This email address is for GP surgeries or health and care professionals.

GP surgeries and others working in health and care wanting more information about implementing the service can email the Register with a GP surgery service onboarding team: [email protected]

Last edited: 6 June 2023 5:00 pm