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We have been working to make sure everyone can access free, secure and consistent WiFi services at NHS sites across England.

NHS WiFi provides a secure, stable, and reliable WiFi capability, consistent across all NHS settings. It will allow patients and the public to download health apps, browse the internet and access health and care information.

Having a reliable, consistent and secure connection to the internet through NHS Wifi has a range of benefits for patients and staff. It helps everyone use the increasing range of digital services available, making care more efficient and helping patients take control of their own health and care.

Patient benefits

Patients are using NHS WiFi to:

  • access personal health records
  • use health apps
  • interact with patient support networks
  • manage appointments and medication
  • manage conditions online
  • use health-based information services
  • keep in touch with friends and family while receiving care
  • linking to research

Clinician and NHS staff benefits

Health and care workers are using NHS WiFi to:

  • access information on the move
  • direct patients to online support
  • connect their mobile devices to deliver care
  • offer online consultations

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