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NHS Profile Manager

Where health and care providers go to verify and update their service profile including opening times, contact details, facilities and service information. Ensures accuracy for patients and NHS professionals.

The new NHS Profile Manager replaces NHS website profile editor and the Urgent and Emergency Care Directory of Services (UEC DoS) Profile Updater. The new system updates both the NHS website and the UEC DoS.

NHS staff will receive emails to notify them when they can start using NHS Profile Manager with instructions on what they should do.

Progress of the NHS Profile Manager by primary care setting

General practice

NHS Profile Manager is now available and updates the NHS website only. We are working towards onboarding UEC DoS in 2023.

Dental practices

NHS Profile Manager will be available in December 2022 to update the NHS website only. We are working towards onboarding UEC DoS in 2023.

Community pharmacy (excluding distance selling pharmacies)

NHS Profile Manager is now available and updates both the NHS website and UEC DoS. 

Watch our NHS Profile Manager tutorial videos. 

Check and verify your information

Community pharmacies are required to check and verify their information on NHS Profile Manager, including opening hours and bank holiday opening times, every quarter.

Deadlines for verifying info are:

  • 31 March 2023
  • 30 June 2023
  • 30 September 2023
  • 31 December 2023
  • 31 March 2024

Pharmacies that stock palliative care medication

If you are a community pharmacy that stocks palliative care medication, make sure this is accurately updated on NHS Profile Manager. 

This will automatically update the NHS Directory of Services (DoS).

You need to do this if you want to meet the requirements of the Palliative and End of Life Care Action Plan in the Pharmacy Quality Scheme guidance.

This applies to all community pharmacies who both:

  • routinely stock the 16 critical end of life medicines listed in the Drug Tariff
  • support local access to the drug parenteral haloperidol.

How to update NHS Profile Manager as a palliative care medication stockholder:

  1. Log in to NHS Profile Manager.
  2. Select ‘Check your profiles’.
  3. Select a profile from the list of profiles that you manage.
  4. Select ‘Manage your services’.
  5. Select ‘Manage your Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC) services’.
  6. Select the box if you are a ‘Pharmacy palliative care medication stockholder’ and then click ‘Continue’.
  7. Review your response and confirm your answer by clicking ‘Save and confirm’.


  • for patients, better service information will allow them to access the right service at the right time using the NHS website and through third party websites using syndicated NHS content

  • for primary care the NHS Profile Manager is a single place to go to update your service profile information, removing duplication of data entry and saving time

  • for urgent care, it will provide better information across all products linked to the UEC DoS, including NHS 111 online, NHS 111 (telephony) and Service Finder

  • the information provided will help commissioners and providers to improve demand management, so they can better plan and deliver services to suit local needs

  • it offers an alternative API service that allows you to update multiple profiles at the same time

  • has an improved interface, making it quicker and easier to update your information

  • DoS leads will save time as the need to update the UEC DoS manually will reduce

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