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Networking addressing

We register NHS.UK domain names for organisations wanting an NHS website. We also deal with IP addresses, NHS.UK email domains and EDI addresses.

What do we do?

We register NHS.UK domain names for organisations wanting an NHS website, along with providing guidance and advice.

All NHS websites need to have an domain name. This ensures that they are clearly recognisable as part of the NHS and maintained in accordance with its corporate guidelines.

We also deal with IP addresses, NHS.UK email domains and EDI addresses. Use the following forms:

How do I get an NHS website?

To get a website with the domain name, simply fill in a domain name registration form.

Most registrations take between 1 and 2 working days to process.

Find out more about domain names.

How should my website look?

It's important that all NHS websites follow corporate identity guidelines to ensure consistency of style - this guarantees that your site has an easily recognisable NHS corporate identity.

Who will host my website?

You can host your website on your own server if you're able to.

If you prefer, your website can be hosted by an external web-hosting company of your choice.

We're unable to host your website - we only host websites for our own work programmes.

N3 hosting (not visible on the internet) can be provided locally or via certain commercial companies that supply this service.

Further information

internal Namespace policy

This namespace information is for both websites and email domains. Our namespace is controlled by NHS Digital on behalf of NHS England.

internal Domain names

Find out more about domain names and website naming guidelines.

internal Register EDI codes

Use this EDI code registration form to register EDI addresses for EDI messaging.

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