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User access controls

Access to the new National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) IT system is controlled at a local authority level. Access is given if there's a clear business need and in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Levels of access

By assigning roles and schools to users, your authority can control who has access to school and NCMP pupil data and what actions each user can perform. A user's level of access is controlled in 2 ways:

User roles

Assigning roles to users allows you to give access to different elements of the system. A user may be assigned one or multiple roles, depending on their access requirements.

Assigning schools

By assigning schools in your local authority area to a user, you can give access to NCMP pupil data for the assigned schools. Schools may be assigned to one or multiple users, depending on access requirements.

User roles

Each user can be assigned one or more of the following roles:

  1. Monitor - the user can view the list of all schools assigned to the authority and has access to data quality indicators. Monitors cannot add or delete schools, edit eligible pupil numbers or access pupil information, such as names, addresses and measurement data.
  2. Super monitor - the user can view everything a monitor can view, but also has access to individual pupil records when viewing the data quality indicators.
  3. Collector - the user can access schools they have been assigned, and add and edit pupil information and measurements for pupils at these schools. Collectors cannot edit the schools list and do not have access to data quality reports.
  4. LA setup - the user can only access the schools list. They can add and remove schools from the list, as well as edit eligible pupil numbers for schools. LA setup cannot upload pupil data, access pupil records or access data quality reports.
  5. Super user - the user can add new users, remove users, and assign roles and schools to users. The super user role does not have access any other system functions, but a super user role can assign themselves additional roles.
  6. NCMP lead - users can finalise the data submission for the entire local authority area, including signing off data quality, extract all data for the local authority area, and give NHS Digital permission to purge all data. Only one user within a local authority area can hold the role of NCMP lead, and would be expected to work within the local authority rather than the provider organisation, as responsibility for signing off the data submission lies with the local authority.

These roles can be used to apply appropriate governance to the NCMP system and data.

Last edited: 1 August 2018 2:48 pm