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GP2GP version 2.2

GP2GP version 2.2 increases the number of digital patient record transfers from an old GP practice to a new one and brings common sense improvements, like reducing paper printing for patients that leave.

GP2GP version 2.2 has five components. Suppliers plan to achieve these between 2015 and 2018, across one or two upgrades.

We advise practices to contact suppliers if they are unsure which version of GP2GP they are currently using.

Large messaging

This increases the ability to transfer large electronic health records (greater than 5MB or more than 99 attachments), as well as removing file type restrictions that prevented certain attachments from transferring.

Note: both the old and new practice must have Large Messaging for a successful transfer.

Reduced paper printing when patients leave a practice

Less paper printing for patients leaving a practice means reduced cost for practices, plus reduced scanning at the new practice. A notification informs the sending practice if any printing is needed, once the new practice has integrated (filed) the record.

Practices using Version 2.2a should integrate the received electronic health record promptly within 8 days.

If not, the previous practice will automatically be notified at the end of day 8 that a) the record has not been integrated, and, b) that a paper copy of the electronic record should be printed, to send with the Lloyd George envelope to the new practice.

Extra printing causes avoidable work and expense for the previous practice. It increases the quantity of paper records the new practice will need to process and store.

Returning patients

The ability to integrate (file) the electronic health record for returning patients such as students and seasonal workers.

Plain English error messages

Clearer, easy-to-understand and more informative error messages will make it easier for users to log issues with service and support desks.

Management information

Information about GP2GP transfers will be captured by suppliers, enabling analysis of GP2GP usage in their estate.

More detail

If you would like more detailed information about version 2.2 we recommend reading Introducing GP2GP Version 2.2.

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