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Online services for patients at practices using TPP

Patients registered with a GP surgery can access a range of online health and prescription services.

Patients registered with a GP surgery can access some online health and prescriptions services, based on the main IT system used at their practice.

Online services could include:

  • contact your GP for advice and support
  • order repeat prescriptions
  • view your health record, including information about medicines, vaccinations and test results
  • see communications between your GP surgery and other services, such as hospitals
  • book, check or cancel appointments with a GP, nurse or other healthcare professional at your surgery

The table below shows all services patients may access, which have been registered and assured by NHS Digital to work directly with practices using the TPP system (if you have received a letter from your GP directing you to this webpage, your surgery uses the TPP system).

Click on the links to the available services below to find out more information about each product.

Find other guidance about online health and prescription services available to patients.

Supplier name Product/system name Product functionality Links
NHS Digital NHS App Order repeat prescriptions, Book appointments, Get health advice, View your health record, and more
AT Tech Dr IQ Appointments/Symptom Checker/e Consultation
Avicenna Ltd  Manage My Meds Appointments/Prescriptions/View Medical Record/Messaging
Boots UK Appointments/Prescriptions/Delivery
Charac Ltd Charac app Prescriptions
Continuum Health Ltd Anima Appointments/Prescriptions/View Medical Records
Convenet Convenet Platform (including partners: Logifect) Appointments/Prescriptions/View Medical Records Logifect:
Convenet  Convenet Platform, (including partners: Info Health) Prescriptions
Convenet  Convenet Platform, (including partners: Atlas eMAR) Prescriptions; proxy access
Convenet  Convenet Platform, (including partners: Phlo Digital Pharmacy) Prescriptions
Convenet Convenet Platform (including partners - DayLewis) Prescriptions
Convenet Convenet Platform, (including partners: Camascope) Prescriptions; proxy access
Convenet Convenet Platform, (including partners: Sapphire Clinics) View health record
Convenet Convenet Platform (formally ABCT Consultants) (including partners): PillSorted PFS
Convenet Convenet Platform (formally ABCT Consultants) (including partners): BT Group Appointment/view medical record
Convenet Convenet Platform (formally ABCT Consultants) (including partners): Releaf Dispensary View medical record
CSharp Patally Appointments/Prescriptions
Doctorlink Limited Doctorlink v1 Appointments/Prescriptions
Egton Medical Information Systems Ltd Patient Access Appointments/Prescriptions/Messaging/View medical record
Evergreen EGL App Appointments/Prescriptions/Messaging/View medical record
Gorgemead Ltd myCohens Prescription Management
Healthera Ltd        Healthera  Prescriptions/Delivery/Pharmacy Messaging and Services
Innox Trading Limited   Chemist 4 U API Services  Appointments/ Prescriptions/ View Medical Records
iPlato MyGP Appointments/Prescriptions/View Medical Records
MedAdvisor Welam UK Day Lewis App Prescription Management
MedAdvisor Welam UK  MedAdvisor App Prescriptions Management
Medicinechest Limited The Pharmacy Centre website/app platform Prescriptions Management
Metabolic Healthcare(Echo by Lloyds Pharmacy) Echo  Prescriptions/Delivery
My Way Digital Health My Diabetes My Way View medical record/e-learning for patients with diabetes or prediabetes
Numark Digital Limited Hey Pharmacist  Prescriptions/Delivery Hey Pharmacist - Homepage
Nurturey Limited Nurturey Child Health, Digital Redbook/Appointments/Prescriptions/Messaging
Spectra Analytics PATCHS  Online and video consultation for GP practices, including ad hoc and bulk messaging
Substrakt Health Limited Patient Pack Appointments/prescriptions messaging/self care guidance, video consultations
TPP SystmOnline Appointments/Prescriptions/Message to Practice/Questionnaires

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