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IM1 Pairing integration

Pairing integration is the process that allows suppliers to integrate their system with any principal clinical system through an interface mechanism.

The Future of IM1

There are no current plans to decommission IM1. The long-term future is being considered and, in the future, there may be alternative options which replace IM1. There are no confirmed plans or timescales for this currently. 

NHS Digital will provide further updates if this changes. For more information please contact: [email protected].

Interface mechanisms enable separate systems to:

  • read patient information
  • extract information in bulk
  • enter data into the other system

You can find more information about each of the IM1 interfaces by downloading a copy of the interface mechanism fact sheet.

There are three existing suppliers, who providing the Foundation Solution set to meet the Foundation Capabilities on the Digital Care Services Framework, they each offer interfaces for consuming systems to integrate with, Cegedim (Vision), EMIS (EMIS Web) and TPP (SystmOne).

There are also several new suppliers who will provide the foundation set capabilities once they have completed the onboarding process for the Digital Care Services Framework.  

Each supplier of foundation capabilities must provide an 'interface mechanism' for use by 3rd party systems to support integration between the core providing systems and specialist applications, such as clinical decision,  support, patient facing services, document management or appointments.

Interface mechanisms enable separate systems to: 

  • read patient information
  • extract information in bulk
  • enter data into the other system

The interface mechanisms for the provider suppliers offer under the digital care services framework must comply with the IM1 - Interface Mechanism - GP IT Futures Capabilities & Standards - Confluence (

Any consuming supplier can apply to 'pair' their service with any provider supplier system.  


Complete the IM1 Clinical and Information Governance prerequisites form IM1 prerequisites form - NHS Digital.

Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL) will be issued if prerequisites are confirmed and in place as part of the application process. Your application will be assessed for compatibility against the provider suppliers' APIs and you will need to include some information about the product you are wanting to develop. We may also ask you to submit evidence to show you meet the SCAL requirements. 

When we have confirmed your product is compatible, you will be asked to execute a Model Interface Licence with each of the provider suppliers, this will cover your use of the provider suppliers' APIs. Once the Model Interface Licence has been executed by both consumer and provider suppliers, you will be given access to a test environment so you can develop your solution using the provider supplier guidance/documentation. 

IM1 process flow

IM1 process flow


  • identify product
  • prerequisites are confirmed and in place
  • complete stage one SCAL with requested product information
  • provider supplier confirms if product is viable via API
  • complete model interface licence
  • access to provider supplier mock API

Unsupported Test Phase

  • develop using Pairing and Integration Pack (PIP)
  • work to fully complete SCAL in preparation for assurance

Supported Test Phase

  • once development is complete, request access to Supported Test Environment (STE), by submitting your fully completed SCAL
  • work directly with provider supplier to agree assurance approach


  • SCAL reviewed and agreed by provider supplier
  • test evidence agreed or witness test undertaken
  • assurance accepted by NHS Digital
  • Model Interface Licence uplifted to include assured SCAL
  • Plan to Connect issued by provider supplier
  • live product rolled out to provider supplier estate 


  • changes to product functionality or use case, are requested via the RFC, (Request for Change), process, to the IM1 Team
  • provider and consumer suppliers attend the IM1 supplier forum

IM1 live suppliers

We have listed all the suppliers who have already completed IM1 assurance in the table below.  

Consumer supplier Product or system name  Provider supplier working with 
NHS Digital NHS App EMIS, TPP, Cegedim
121 Sync Vpad1 TPP
121 Sync Vpad 1.8.12 EMIS
Abtrace CDSS v1.0 TPP, EMIS
Accenda Ltd Gateway EMIS, TPP
AccuRx Ltd accuRx 1.0 EMIS, TPP, Vision
AccuRx Ltd accuRx 1.0 EMIS
Advanced Software Ltd Odyssey EMIS
Advanced Software Ltd Docman 10 (bulk) Vision 
Advanced Software Ltd Docman 10 (Transactiona) vision 
Apollo SQL Suite EMIS, TPP, Vision, Microtest
Appconnect Ltd     Appconnect Smartphone App version 1.4.5      EMIS
Appt-Health Appt Patient Engagement EMIS, TPP
Aprobrium Limited Lexacom EMIS
Ardens Workplace Ltd Ardens Manager EMIS, TPP
AT Tech EZ Analytics EMIS, TPP
Avicenna Ltd Manage My Meds EMIS, TPP
Babble Babblevoice TPP
BDM Medical Limited Doctaly Assist EMIS
Better Ltd Shared Care Planning Application (SCPA) TPP, EMIS
BlackPear ERA TPP
BlackPear eSP TPP
Boots UK EMIS, TPP, Vision
C the Signs Ltd C the Signs BULK
C the Signs Ltd C the Signs Ltd EMIS, TPP, Vision
C7 Health Easy refer v1.0 practice EMIS
Camascope RPM EMIS
Capri Healthcare v-Consult EMIS, TPP
CareIS Apollo Valida DS TPP
Cerner HealtheIntent EMIS, TPP
Charac Ltd Charac app EMIS, TPP
Consultant Connect Ltd Consultant Connect (v1) EMIS
Continuum Health Ltd Anima EMIS, TPP
Convenet Convenet Platform EMIS, TPP, Vision
Crescendo Systems Limited DigiScribe-XL Digital Dictation Workflow (v5) EMIS
CSharp Patally EMIS, TPP, Vision
World Data Exchange World Data Exchange EMIS
Digital Medical Supply (LIVI) LIVI UK EMIS
Doctorlink Limited Doctorlink v1 EMIS, TPP, Vision
DXS International plc DXS Point-of-Care EMIS
DXS International plc Expert Care EMIS, TPP
eConsult Health Ltd eConsult Toolbar TPP, EMIS
Egton Medical Information System Ltd Patient Access TPP
EK Interactive Innovations Ltd Self-screening health kiosk EMIS
Edenbridge APEX EMIS
Engage Health Systems Engage Touch EMIS, TPP
Engage Health Systems Engage Consult EMIS
Evergreen ELG APP EMIS, TPP, Vision
Evergreen Evergreen Connect  EMIS
FITFILE Group Limited


Gorgemead Ltd myCohens EMIS, TPP
Health Intelligence HI Hub EMIS
Healthcare Monitors UK Ltd

PatientPod 1.1

Healthcheck Services Keito K9 EMIS, TPP
Healthera Ltd Healthera EMIS, TPP
Healthy. IO (UK) LTD Minuteful for Wound TPP 
Hero Doctor Limited Hero Health EMIS
iatro Practice365 EMIS
iGPR Technologies Check my record EMIS, TPP
iGPR Technologies iGPR EMIS, TPP
Informatica (BMJ) Audit+ EMIS
Informatica (BMJ) Front Desk EMIS
Informatica (BMJ) iCAP Contract+ EMIS
Informatica (BMJ) iCAP Server (Skyline) EMIS
Informatica (BMJ) Front Desk Vision 
Innox Trading Limited Chemist 4 U API Services EMIS, TPP
iPlato Healthcare Ltd MyGP Connect EMIS
Jayex Connect Platform EMIS, TPP
Joy  Joy App EMIS, TPP
MedAdvisor Welam UK Day Lewis App EMIS, TPP
MedAdvisor Welam UK MedAdvisor App EMIS, TPP Ltd EMIS
Medicinechest Limited The Pharmacy Centre website/app platform EMIS, TPP
Medidata Exchange Limited eMR Cegedim
Medidata Exchange Limited eMR1 EMIS
Medidata Exchange Limited eMR1 TPP
Medloop Medloop Patient V1  EMIS
Medloop Medloop Doctor V1 EMIS
Medloop Medloop Doctor V2 EMIS
Mendelian MendelScan TPP
Metabolic Healthcare Echo EMIS, TPP
Metadvice Ltd Analytics Metadvice EMIS
Metadvice Ltd Analytics Metadvice TPP (TransIM)
Microtech Healthportal EMIS
Mondago UC Client EMIS, TPP
Monmedical Ltd (trading as Cinapsis) Cinapsis TPP
My Way Digital My Diabetes My Way EMIS, Vision
My Way Digital My Diabetes Clinical and Analytics EMIS, TPP
My Way Digital My Way Diabetes TPP
MyRightCare v3 EMIS, TPP
NHS Digital NHS App EMIS, TPP, Vision
NHS North East London ICB Discovery Data Service EMIS, TPP, Cegedim
Numark Digital Ltd Pharmacists  Hey  EMIS, TPP, Vision
Numed Holdings Ltd Envisage Patient Check-in EMIS, TPP
Numed Holdings Ltd (t/a Numed Healthcare) Envisage Patient Check-in Cegedim
Nurturey Limited Nurturey EMIS, TPP
Nye Health Nye v0.1 (Patient) EMIS
Nye Health Nye v0.1 (Transactional) EMIS
Omron Healthcare Hypertension Plus EMIS, TPP
Optimise Health Ltd Optimise BP EMIS, TPP
Optimum Patient Care Ltd (OPC)  OPC-ONE EMIS
Optum Health Solutions (UK) Patient Navigator TPP (Trans)
Optum Health Solutions (UK) Patient Navigator TPP (Bulk)
Patients Know Best (PKB) Personal Health Record EMIS
PCTI (Advanced) Odyssey EMIS, TPP
PCTI (Advanced) Docman 10 Vision
Pharmacy 2U P2U-IM1-V1.0 EMIS, Vision
PharmacyX PharmacyX EMIS
Plans4rehab GPOnCall EMIS
Prescribing Services Limited Advice and Guidance (Eclipse Live) EMIS
Priority Digital Health Ltd pdh.platform TPP
Promatica Digital Social Rx Connect TPP
Qrypta  Swiftly EMIS
Quicksilva conneQt Toolbar (including Partners Doctrin)  TPP 
Rapid Health Limited  Rapid Health  TPP
Redwood  Practice Plus EMIS
Remote Check In Remote Check In TPP
Solcom Whzan EMIS, TPP
Spectra Analytics PATCHS EMIS, TPP
Storacall Surgery Connect TPP
Storacall Technology      Surgery Connect     EMIS
Substrakt Health Ltd Patient Pack EMIS, TPP
Targett Business Technologies RIVIAM Citizen Portal TPP
TCR Nottingham  Censura, (Healthchecks) EMIS
TCR Nottingham  Censura, (Reporting) EMIS
Total Billing Solutions Medibooks TPP
Total Billing Solutions GP-Billing EMIS, TPP
Umedeor uMed Life Science Platform  EMIS, TPP
Virtually Health Systems Ltd Virtually Primary and Integrated Care (v2.2) EMIS
Vision  Patient Services Vision 
Voice Connect Patient Partner EMIS

Other services

Services available directly to patients have been broken down by system supplier. They can be accessed on the following links.


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