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General Practice (GP) Collections

We collect data and information about a wide range of General Practice (GP) services, for a number of different organisations and purposes.

Top tasks

View our live collections timetable to find out about current collection schedules.

Service information - find out what information we collect, along with GP payments for services.

Organisations we collect information for include:

  • NHS England - information is used to collect GP payments, based on achievements under the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) and the delivery of quality services
  • other government departments - for information about certain medical conditions and GP activity
  • universities and other organisations - for academic research and services such as screening programmes

The systems that we use to collect data and information include:

How GP Collections work

We gather information and data, which is copied it to our systems. Data is collected automatically over a specified period of time - this is known as an extract. We normally use the following process:

1. GPs record activity in their clinical systems for the services they provide.
2. NHS England, or another organisation, requests information about a particular GP service.
3. NHS England area teams offer GPs the option to participate in collections for that service.
4. GPs agree to participate in collections for that service on CQRS.
5. We collect information from GP clinical systems using GPES over a specified period.
6. If required, GP staff enter information manually into CQRS.
7. We display the information we collect in CQRS.
8. GPs check that the information collected is the same as is in their clinical system.
9. If it's payment related, GPs  'declare' information from the collection to Regional Local Offices - who approve via CQRS.
10. We provide the information to the organisation that requested it.

Manual collection

Some GP information needs to be inputted by hand into CQRS, including some Enhanced Services. This is either because the service hasn't yet been set up for automated collection, or the organisation requesting the information hasn't chosen this method. 

Once entered, manually collected information is processed and displayed in CQRS in the same way as automatically collected data. We advise GPs in advance if a service needs to be manually inputted and we provide CQRS user guides explaining this process.

Contact details

Have a question about the GP Collections service? Please contact

For CQRS technical support, please contact or call 0800 440 2777.

Further information

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    Service information

    Find out which services we collect, along with payment categories.

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