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National training forum - NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS)

The National Training Forum has been established to provide open and regular communication channels between the e-RS national training team and a representative panel of e-RS trainers (and/or representatives who are responsible for e-RS training) from the NHS and independent sector.

The forum members currently meet virtually bi-monthly, using Microsoft Teams, to:

  • review both delivered and scheduled system release content
  • discuss forthcoming functional changes and provide system demonstrations
  • consult and seek feedback on learning products and ideas
  • allow opportunities to share thoughts, knowledge and ask advice from other e-RS colleagues

Guest speakers are also invited to the meetings to cover learning or system related topics.

As part of a forum members role, the programme and other NHS Digital teams may ask for support to feed into training related research and to review learning materials.

If you're an e-RS trainer (or have responsibility for e-RS training) and wish to become a member of the forum, please send your interest request and job role to

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