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Reviewing appointment slot issue referrals - NHS e-Referral Service

A quick reference guide for clinicians on reviewing appointment slot issue (ASI) referrals using the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS)

Log in

  1. Log in to e-RS and select your role
  2. Click on the 'Worklists' tab

Filtering results

  1. Use the drop-down arrow on ‘Worklist Type’ to select the ‘Appointment Slot Issues’ worklist
  2. Using the filters select the required service, specialty, clinician and/or location you wish to review

screen shot of using e-RS filters

  1. Select ‘Load results’
  2. Any ASI referrals (UBRNs) will be displayed
  3. You can select ‘Hide filters’ to allow more space for your loaded ASI referrals

Note: Filtering referrals helps to return search results quicker

Actioning referral

  1. From the search results, click on a UBRN and select the ‘Actions’ drop down to view the available action

screen shot of an ASI referral actions

Note: The key action ‘Review Referral’ is how provider clinicians can review the referral information

  1. Selecting ‘Review Referral’ presents the ‘Review Referral Summary’ screen and displays the clinical information

screen shot of an ASI referral summary screen

  1. To action the referral, select the ‘Record Triage Outcome’ button located at the bottom right of the screen, for the 'Record Triage Outcome' screen to display

screen shot of record triage outcome screen

  1. Select the appropriate triage outcome option from the drop-down box (see below for further explanation on the outcome options)
  2. Use the comments box to add any further information or instructions
  3. Add further information using the ‘Add Attachment’ link, if required
  4. Click on ‘Submit’

Triage outcome options

Refer/Book Now - Accepts the referral into the service and continues to the service search screen where you can shortlist services for the patient to be booked into. The shortlisting must happen as part of this action, if you want to ask your admin staff to continue with this then use the ‘Accept and refer/book later’ option.

Accept and refer/book later - Accepts the referral into the service and puts the referral onto the ‘Appointments for Booking’ worklist for admin staff to book an appointment for the patient. This enables you to give instructions to admin staff regarding which service the referral needs to be booked into.

Return to referrer with advice - If the referral is not appropriate for the service or if further information is required from the referrer prior to acceptance, the referral can be sent back to the referring clinician with comments from the provider clinician, explaining why it does not need an appointment and any onward management instructions for the referring clinician.

Last edited: 21 May 2020 2:13 pm