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Alerts - NHS e-Referral Service

Find out about NHS e-Referral Service system alerts.

System alert functionality enables the communication of messages directly to users of the NHS e-Referral Service within the application. We will use these alerts to keep you up-to-date with important news, new features and system outages.

Example of an e-RS system alert

When an alert is posted a notification box will appear on the users screen. Selecting ‘Read Now’ will show more information about the alert.

Example of the alert notification box

Selecting ‘Remind Me Later’ will remove the alert notification from the screen. The message will reappear after 15 minutes until the ‘Read Now’ option is selected.

You can also view your alerts at any time by clicking on the ‘Alerts’ button on the top left of your screen.

Last edited: 27 June 2019 10:05 am