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Tech Innovation Framework: Early Adopter support

For primary care organisations interested in exploring and adopting a new GP IT core clinical system via the Tech Innovation Framework, we outline the support available and how to become an Early Adopter.

The Early Adopter programme will support primary care organisations interested in changing GP core clinical systems via the Tech Innovation Framework.

The programme is looking for ICBs, GP practices, Primary Care Networks (PCNs), federations and other groups of primary care providers to become early adopters and switch to a new GP core clinical system. As part of the Early Adopter programme, support and funding will be provided to support practices through the process of migrating to a new clinical system. 

As an early adopter you will be able to influence the shape of new systems coming into the market to ensure they meet your needs, and those of the evolving primary care space.

Early adopters will be supported to explore, assess, and implement these new systems into their organisations.

What these core clinical systems will offer

The design and build of new systems adhering to new standards and using new technologies have the potential to radically improve the service offering in general practice. This will offer better interoperability, more resilient services, and more adaptive solutions to help GPs comply with the core digital offer as per the 2021/22 GP contract. It is, therefore, important that NHS Digital England support new and current suppliers alike, as they work with us to offer general practice innovative solutions to existing and new challenges. 

With the introduction of the Tech Innovation Framework (TIF), buyers and users of GP systems will now have a wider choice of core clinical systems, including those built to the new tech innovation standard. The suppliers of these solutions believe they will offer something new, dynamic and more user focussed, supporting general practice staff to spend more time on their patients’ needs.

We want to ensure that system suppliers produce safe, easy to use systems that enhance the user experience and are built to adapt at pace to emerging needs, whilst also meeting accessibility standards. Learn more about the capabilities and standards

How you will be supported

We have designed a support offering to help early adopters of TIF solutions with the business and technical aspects of a change of GP core clinical system.

The business change and implementation support will help early adopters to discover their needs for change and explore the right core clinical system for their organisation.

This support will provide specialist assistance to help organisations embed change to deliver lasting benefits. It will include advice, support, and guidance, as well as access to a toolkit of templates and process.

Funding is also available to support organisations with the discovery and implementation stages of their project. This will help cover any financial implications for the organisation as well as the wider system, for example the ICB funding the cost of migration.

We understand general practice is facing multiple pressures at this time and undertaking change could be an additional challenge. We are keen to work with you to understand how to best support your organisation and reduce risks throughout the process.

The early adopter journey

There will be 4 stages to the early adopters journey:

  1. discover
  2. plan the change
  3. implement the change
  4. post go live support

Funding will be available to early adopters at each stage of the early adopter journey, with agreed inputs and outputs for each stage. Practices will need the support of their ICB, in becoming an early adopter of a TIF solution, to qualify for this funding. Organisations that set off on the discovery phase are not committed to making a change and progressing to the next phase. More details on this fund are available to those who are interested.

As an early adopter, you will be able to choose the supplier that best addresses your organisation’s needs. In January 2023, we held a Supplier Expo for the TIF. Suppliers had an opportunity to showcase their solutions in development and answer any questions. We may run more events like this in future if there is enough interest. 

Next steps

We will set up an introduction meeting with organisations that have expressed an interest to understand more about the Early Adopter programme and discuss their organisational challenges and appetite for change, as well as the level of support needed.

Contact us

If you would like to get involved in the Early Adopter programme, or you already have an established relationship with any of the TIF suppliers and want to find out more about how we can support you, then please contact us at [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Last edited: 4 December 2023 9:44 am