Data Security Centre


We support health and care organisations to manage cyber security risk. This enables the safe and secure use of data and technology to deliver improved patient care.

Top tasks

To report an urgent cyber security issue, call 0300 303 5222 or email

To view the latest cyber security threat intelligence bulletins, visit the CareCERT Information Sharing Portal.  You can access this portal only through N3/TN/HSCN network.

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Our services

Cyber threats are constantly evolving and always present, and increasingly digital health and care organisations must remain prepared and ready to respond.

We provide a range of specialist services that help health and care organisations manage cyber risk and recover in the event of an incident:

Knowledge and training

We provide knowledge and training to help health and care organisations understand the threat of a data security breach, and to prepare accordingly.

Assessment and support

We help health and care organisations to assess their data and cyber security practices and provide support to prepare for and respond to data and cyber security incidents.


We undertake a range of national and local monitoring services, designed to identify vulnerabilities, uncover suspicious behaviour and block malicious activity.

Threat advice and intelligence

We issue a range of cyber security threat notifications to health and care organisations, ranging from weekly threat bulletins to immediate high-severity alerts.

Latest news and guidance

Cyber security resources

Latest threat bulletins and alerts

The CareCERT Information Sharing Portal provides up-to-date information on known threats to cyber and data security.  You will need an NHS network connection to access this site.

Data Security and Protection Toolkit

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit is an online self-assessment tool that allows organisations to measure their performance against the National Data Guardian’s 10 data security standards.

Data Security Knowledge Library

The knowledge library provides example policies, good practice, and simple user reference guides on a range of data security topics.

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