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NHS Syndicated Content - REST APIs

Pull content from the NHS.UK website about health conditions, health news, medications and more, using our free NHS Syndicated Content APIs and widgets.


Use these APIs and widgets to pull a range of content from the NHS.UK website as part of our free syndication programme

You can choose from a range of APIs including:

  • Common health questions
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Health A to Z -  content also available as smaller specific modules

  • Live Well
  • Medicines 
  • Mental health
  • NHS services
  • Pregnancy
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Videos

You can choose from a range of widgets which give you code you can embed in your web page, including:

  • Find services
  • Health A to Z -  content also available as smaller specific modules
  • Live Well
  • Heavy periods self-assessment
  • Heart age
  • Your blood pressure
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator
  • Your Mind Plan
  • Personal Quit Plan

For more details, see NHS Syndicated content.

Who can use these APIs

These APIs can only be used where there is a legal basis to do so. Make sure you have a valid use case before you go too far with your development. 

You must do this before you can go live (see 'Onboarding' below).

To use the syndicated content, you must:

API status

These APIs are in production.

Service level

These APIs are a bronze service, meaning they are operational and supported only during business hours (8am to 6pm), Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.

For more details, see service levels.


These APIs are RESTful. For more details, see Basic REST.

The widgets work by giving you code you can embed in your web page. For more details, see Widgets and tools.

Network access

These APIs are available on the internet and, indirectly, on the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN).

For more details see Network access for APIs.

Security and authorisation

These APIs are application-restricted, meaning we authenticate the calling application but not the end user.

To use these APIs, you must:

  • register and login with the NHS website developer portal
  • request full subscription to get your subscription key for individual APIs
  • include valid subscription key in your subscription-key header

Environments and testing

Environment Subscription type
Test All products - trial subscription
Production Individual product - full subscription

For further details, see Content API.


For more details, see getting started.


For endpoint details, see the documentation for individual APIs.

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