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Recorded Dementia Diagnoses: presentation

Geographic breakdowns of Recorded Dementia Diagnoses data.


Time periods





Integrated Care Board (ICB)

Sub ICB Location

GP practice

Upper tier local authority

Lower tier local authority

PHE centre

PHE region

County council

ONS group

ONS sub-group

Average local authority deprivation decile

Devolved area

Disclosure control

Antipsychotic medication: Practices with counts of 0 to 5 are suppressed, as are practices where 100% of patients have been prescribed antipsychotic medication in the preceding 6 weeks. All other practice numbers are rounded to the nearest five. Other geographic region totals are not suppressed or rounded. 


Medication Review: Practices with counts of 0 to 5 are suppressed.

Further information

internal Recorded dementia diagnoses: data quality

Guidance on using the statistical publication recorded dementia diagnoses, with details of what is included and the methodology used to calculate the estimated diagnoses rates.

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