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Provisional Accident and Emergency Quality Indicators for England, January 2022, by provider

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This report, generated from Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS), sets out data coverage, data quality and performance information for the following five A&E indicators:

• Left department before being seen for treatment rate • Re-attendance rate • Time to initial assessment • Time to treatment • Total time in A&E

Publishing these data will help share information on the quality of care of A&E services to stimulate the discussion and debate between patients, clinicians, providers and commissioners, which is needed in a culture of continuous improvement.

As of June 2020 data the Provisional Accident and Emergency Quality Indicators is sourced from the Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) instead of the Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) Accident and Emergency data. The specific Quality Indicators have not changed, although some of the data quality measures are to be developed at a later date.

The data used in these reports are sourced from Provisional ECDS data, and as such these data may differ to information extracted directly from Secondary Uses Service (SUS) data, or data extracted directly from local patient administration systems. Provisional ECDS data may be revised throughout the year.

The publication now includes an interactive visual tool, an open data csv file and a newly designed metadata file. These are in addition to the Excel tables.

Key Facts

Interactive A&E CQI Report

Users are able to review the data at England level or provider level in a more visual way, with added filters for data relating to the current financial year. Access the report.

This tool is in Microsoft PowerBI which does not fully support all accessibility needs. If you need further assistance, please contact us for help.

Data in this interactive report gets updated monthly. If you require a data snapshot from this period, where this isn't the most recent publication, refer to the files below.

• ECDS data contains 1.66 million A&E attendances for January 2022 at all types of A&E. However, ECDS data are incomplete; around 1.75 million A&E attendances were reported in the NHS England and NHS Improvement Situation Report data collection for the month, and 59 organisations that report data to Situation Reports did not report data to ECDS; these organisations are mostly lower acuity services such as minor injury units and walk-in centres.

• The median average time to initial assessment for attendances brought to A&E by ambulance was 10 minutes, with 95 per cent of patients being assessed within 1 hour 36 minutes.  For all patients receiving treatment, the median average time to treatment was 1 hour 2 minutes with 95 per cent of patients receiving treatment within 4 hours 58 minutes.

• The median average total time in A&E for all patients was 3 hours 0 minutes, with 95 per cent of patients departing A&E within 12 hours 47 minutes of arrival.

• Nationally, 4.4 per cent of attendances at A&E departments were recorded as having left A&E before being seen for treatment, and 8.1 per cent of attendances in A&E in January 2022 were unplanned re-attendances within 7 days of a previous attendance.

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