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NHS Surplus Land Quarter 4 2020/21

Official statistics, Experimental statistics


The NHS Surplus Land collection has existed since 2008 to provide information to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to ensure the efficient and strategic use of the NHS estate. The collection monitors the contribution made by the NHS to government targets on release of publicly owned land and the targets for contributions of income from public sector land sales. From 2020/21 onwards, reporting is done by data providers on an “as needed” basis on a live collection system, providing more up to date and transparent information to the public and reducing the burden to data providers.

These statistics are currently classed as “Experimental” as it is the third time they have been produced from a live system which amalgamates the previous NHS Digital collection with internal stakeholder collections in the same area. Please see the “Data Quality” worksheet in the “Data Definitions” workbook for an assessment of data quality for this release.

As at 31st March 2021:

218 trusts as well as NHS Property Services (who provide managed NHS estate to trusts) provided confirmed validated data.

A total of 610 plots of land were declared as surplus or potentially surplus to requirements by 115 trusts and by NHS Property Services (this includes land previous declared as surplus, but now confirmed to be no longer surplus). Of these:

82 plots had already been sold covering a land area of 62.4 hectares and gross internal floor area of 139 thousand square metres.   497 plots were identified as being surplus or potentially surplus (“opportunities”) covering a land area of 623.7 hectares and gross internal floor area of 1,681 thousand square metres. The total land surplus land area above (to be consistent with previous measures of surplus land and including sold land) was 686 hectares.

Sales receipt & Estimated sales receipt

The sales receipt for sold land totalled £105.1 million and the estimated sales receipt for surplus or potentially surplus land was £1.3 billion.

Data sensitivity

Issues of sensitivity were declared in relation to 317 plots of surplus land. These are included in the aggregate figures above, but not in any granular data in the underlying data (.csv) file.

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